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If new joy can replace old love, then new love must be more than old hobbies.

For example, you used the Apple 4, will feel that this phone is the best phone you have ever used, and then one day your Apple 4 lost or broken, you will not be very sad, if this time someone gave you an Apple 8, the function is stronger than Apple 4 too much, this time for you, lose an Apple 4 will not feel any good pity!

If you lose Apple 4, but get an old Nokia phone, but also black and white screen kind, this time you will not be disappointed, will not feel that the loss of that Apple 4 phone wants to be a pity, and you have a phone in your hand at this moment, but this Nokia phone can not be compared with your lost Apple 4 phone. 

“Grief and new relationships—-are those who expect to forget their old love with a new one succeeding?”

And at this moment the mood is lost, sad and sad.

On the other hand, if a person has given a lot to the last relationship, even if he gets better in the latter relationship, he will still remember his predecessor.

This is not how much nostalgia for the predecessor, but in psychology, there is such a statement, if let some people complete homework, this part of the person in the prescribed time to complete, usually this part of the homework content will not have much profound memory.

While others take homework away when they finish half of their homework, many people will have deep memories of the unfinished homework.

“Grief and new relationships—-are those who expect to forget their old love with a new one succeeding?”

Of course, there is another way to say that when you seriously talk about a relationship, and finally break up, and then you will be very difficult to like others, you do not want to take the time and do not want to understand.

It’s like you’re almost finished writing an article, but the teacher says you scrawled your homework and asked you to rewrite it again. Although you remember the beginning and the content you also don’t bother to write, because an article spent all your energy, only one end, you have to start from scratch.


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