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After the break-up, the boy can’t put the relationship down to you or he has started to put it down. If you can’t put this feeling into consideration, many boys are in self-esteem or think about it for you, they will not contact you voluntarily, because he is afraid that disconnection makes you feel even worse. People who have experienced feelings know that the decision of the man after the break-up is more likely to make the woman completely dead. So for the boys who can’t put this relationship down, even if they can’t restrain themselves, it is likely that the FB, who can’t take the initiative to look for you, will look at your header image. Many cases show that boys and girls will want to know whether girls have been good after they break up, but they never ask you openly, but only side understanding.

“Ex won t talk to me after a year”

That is easier to understand for those who have begun to put down this relationship. They have decided to put down, so there is no need to entangle too much, so it is better to keep silent with each other. As for whether you have deleted your WeChat, I think that the general character is more intense to the emotional more persistent talents will be deleted after the break-up, normal boys to treat normal breakup, will not delete. Then I would like to say that since you have broken up if you want to make good or want to know his situation, it is not impossible to ask for the initiative. If you just feel that it is in the way, delete it. Deleted, at least there will be so many moments let your heart rise waves, heart slowly put down everything in the past. As for why he doesn’t speak to you anymore, I think it’s normal. You are no longer a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or a normal friend. Is it not normal for a friend in the circle to not speak for two years? After the break-up can not be friends, because each other love, after the break-up, can not be friends, because each other hurt, we will be the most familiar strangers! Wechat is also, we break up is just passers-by, do not be friends again, the division is clean, conducive to your next relationship more smooth, break up six months do not chat with you, you should delete his black name, no matter your party proposed to break up, there will always be a deep love person will be more tangled, because he will indifferent to you, when you do a spare tire, he does not delete your WeChat reason. 

First, he wants to focus on your dynamics and see if you have changed yourself to become a woman he is satisfied with.

Second, he will be indifferent to you, let you warm him, care about him, often women will be cold men hurt heart pain, waiting for you to send information about him.

Third, if you think you can’t delete him, you should be yourself and dress up! Change a new image and hairstyle occasionally stink a little bit of friends circle, to be happy, tell yourself that I live happily and unrestrained without you. Remember that I don’t hurt you for the second time. Love yourself. Because you will grow up for half a year after you break up, you will become better. Because he is just the stranger you know most about when you pass by and stay with you. The last person you stay with is your life.

“Ex won t talk to me after a year”

No doubt, do not delete WeChat at least one thing, you really love. No doubt, but everyone who loves knows one thing. Love is the most profound feeling in the world. When my fingers touch your lips, our hearts are like deer, and our hearts are almost going to jump out of the chest; When we look at each other, the dizziness in our head, apart from the figure each other, can no longer concentrate on anything. This is an extraordinary love, let us get the most wonderful feeling in life. Of course, and when we hurt each other, that kind of pain through the heart and lungs, only then, we understand how weak we are. All the strongest emotions in the world exist in our love, unique. When the love passed away, our heart has left a deep mark, even if we barely forget it, but the deep mark, it is there, can no longer erase. No doubt, if you become strangers again after such a deep love, you are not really strangers. You leave a special place for each other in each other’s hearts.

You have loved, you are his once loved one. Even you have hurt each other, hurt deeply and painfully, but love is love. Loved ones, have already in each other’s heart, deeply engraved a brand, when an unknown morning or evening, you will inadvertently touch that imprint, it is sweet or pain in the heart. A man does not delete your prestige after he breaks up, that is no longer normal! Because he loved you! He knew the existence of that imprint, but he carefully wrapped up his past feelings. The WeChat ID hidden in countless lists might be to touch the key of that brand again, even if it was a virtual key. No doubt, the heart of a man is also weak, as long as he has loved! When you look at the ID that will never beat again, he may be doing the same thing, he will also recall all the past, because the imprint in your heart is the same. Men have a strong appearance, but even the strongest men, there are also weak in the chest. A man may be a heartless man. When you end that feeling, he may celebrate with a high voice, and even do something heartless. But love is love. His wound is as deep as yours. That’s what men and women are different from. After loving a woman, the longer the time passed, the more painful the man’s heart injury, it was like wine, the longer the alcohol. Don’t doubt, when you ask why, he is also quietly asking himself, why? Give him a chance, and give yourself a chance! If you have loved deeply, please ask him immediately why, let him tell you an answer, isn’t it better?

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