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Girls don’t hate your physical contact, do they like it? Or do you want to be friends?

Generally speaking, we say that girls like a person will have a lot of performance, such as chatting with you and positive, second back, willing to date you, in the dating process do not hate your physical contact … All kinds of situations can be combined to judge whether a girl likes you. Doesn’t the girl hate your physical contact? Here’s an analysis for you.

“Signs no contact is not working”

Girls do not resent your physical contact reasons one, look at the degree of physical contact

Want to judge whether a girl likes you through female body contact without resenting your physical contact, depending on how much your body is exposed to, whether it touches the face, holds hands or hugs. If all of this is there, but the two men have not clearly expressed their relationship, then this is not still in an ambiguous period? If you repeatedly show the girl her but indifferent, even if not disgusted with your physical contact, it may be because she is waiting for you to confess to her, or you as a spare tire, and in her heart, you are already her boyfriend, so will accept you and her physical contact. Of course, it is still necessary to clarify whether the two sides have the idea of being together, if the confession but can not be together that or do not cling to it. After all, she can accept and you so ambiguous, can also accept and others like this! 

Girls do not hate your physical contact reasons two, girls treat you as a friend.

“Signs no contact is not working”

If you say that girls do not hate your physical contact, is based on your relationship similar to a friend or friend, it may be that girls do not care about you, feel that physical contact between friends is normal, that is to say, you in her eyes is one of many friends. And she’s the same way she gets along with other male friends or friends beside you. That means you’re not playing. If a girl, since and your physical contact, on the intention to keep a distance from other boys, avoid physical contact, it means that girls are ready to open a relationship with you, is like you.

Of course, if you and the girl confessed, she knows that you like her, and not together, but want to be a good friend with you, do not hate your physical contact, it can only show that this is a more thoughtful girl.

Girls do not hate your physical contact reasons three, see physical contact is the girl’s reaction

Generally speaking, girls for their favourite people, not only will not hate physical contact, but also in physical contact when some shy state, such as blush, dare not look at you, heartbeat accelerated … Wait, because girls and loved ones are naturally shy in contact, and those fights in peacetime are different. If a girl and your physical contact do not change the face, or as usual with you to joke, play a joke, then she is likely to treat you as a friend of the opposite sex.

Summary: Girls do not hate your physical contact is either really you as a friend, or like you to give you hints, as for the kind of girls who just want to go kidneys and don’t want to go, suggest that we stay away.

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