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I have always said: love will not disappear, but it will be covered by the contradictions in front of you.

A woman’s change of heart is never sudden.

“Signs no contact is not working—-my girlfriend calmly told me to break up, not pull black, not delete each other, can it be retrieved”

Generally speaking, boys are in a downward trend in love, while girls are in an upward trend.

What do you mean?

Simply, in an intimate relationship, women’s attention and investment in a relationship will continue to rise.

That is to say, maybe the girl didn’t particularly like the boy at the beginning, but once the time gets longer, the longer she gets along with the other party, she finds that she loves the other party more and more, and has higher requirements for the other party. As time goes on, her main axis begins to revolve around the other party;

From the male point of view, when they are pursuing this girl, they usually like this girl the most. They think that each other is a perfect goddess, so they especially like and love each other at the beginning.

But as time goes on and more and more people get along with each other, the relationship and state will change. What used to feel beautiful is now just like that. I’m still tired of seeing it for a long time.

So, in fact, in love, girls usually have a bonus point system, while boys have a minus point system( Of course, this is only a general situation, and we need to be specific about the specific situation.)

“Signs no contact is not working—-my girlfriend calmly told me to break up, not pull black, not delete each other, can it be retrieved”

The purpose of saying this is to tell you:

In this bonus system of “love and get along with mode”, if the other party resolutely left you, and very resolute and decisive, it must be because every time the other party sent you a question, let you bonus points, you make a mistake.

In this way, the score of your partner’s heart will remain unchanged for a long time, or even decrease. The accumulated points lead to the so-called “girlfriend is very calm to say goodbye, no blackmail, no mutual deletion” outcome you see today.

It’s not that your girlfriend is unfeeling, but that what you have done before must disappoint the other party thoroughly. Only in this way can you make up your mind to separate from you.

Because of your girlfriend’s cold attitude, you are also very anxious now, because the other person’s calm attitude also makes you feel terrible. Don’t worry. Next, I’ll give you the answers one by one

1、 Why did the other party break up?

This is only a superficial phenomenon and hides their deep emotions. And these deeply hidden emotions may be painful, to avoid sadness, but to protect their own shell, they are temporarily replaced by superficial emotions.

She took the initiative to break up, did not delete pull black you, did not delete each other, just leave you in the list of friends, just like a “stranger”, her performance and the state of love is very different: “once how warm love you, now show how cold.”. She is too calm. Whether it’s for your ex-boyfriend or the “ending relationship”, it’s not because she doesn’t love you anymore, but just because she loved you too much in the past. She insists on being calm to face you.

“Signs no contact is not working—-my girlfriend calmly told me to break up, not pull black, not delete each other, can it be retrieved”

A deep understanding of the girl’s heart

Because I can’t face the contradiction between us, I can’t face the fact that we broke up. No matter what I do, I can’t solve it, so I force myself to put down this relationship and you. I am calm and even control my emotions because I have been devastated by my relationship with you. I want to make myself decent as possible. The colder and quieter I am, the easier I become. In this way, I can pull out quickly and no longer get hurt. 

[source of pain]:

The source of the girl’s indifference is also from their own courage to accept each other, this relationship is also their own heart management, think that they have done the best in this relationship, but two people did not go to the end, so will be so heartless and painful.

A woman’s performance when breaking up:

[don’t delete, don’t pull black you] + [show calmness and indifference] = inner extreme pain, strong emotion, self digestion

Therefore, the probability of her finding a new lover quickly is extremely small. I will analyze it for you from a rational point of view.

If you don’t make progress in the process of recovery, and you can’t grasp the other person’s [personality traits], you’d better ask Uncle yuan to help you do personality profile analysis to improve the recovery probability

Why is your recovery so slow? Send me a private letter to help you evaluate the recovery probability and analyze your personality characteristics

First of all, if a person really has a third party or finds the next one, she will never calm down, her emotions will definitely be exposed. For example:

If she has a third party before breaking up, she may pick on you everywhere, look at you everywhere and even blame you for all the faults of breaking up; If she has a new love after breaking up, she may feel guilty and try her best to compensate you or even take the initiative to chat with you, to reduce her guilt.

Once she has a new love, she will constantly feel guilty for you, and will constantly pacify herself, telling herself that “this behaviour is actually nothing.”. Because she knows that she has a problem and that she is ashamed of you for doing so, but she is not willing to find the reason on herself, because doing so will constantly make her struggle and feel guilty, and deepen the sense of guilt of Xinhua, so she will shirk all the responsibility to you.

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