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One, blush when I talk to you.  In life, the average boy and ordinary friends when talking jokes, mutual damage is not under the words, but only in the face of their favourite girls, easy to blush heartbeat. If a man talks to you, he blushes to show that he is very shy when faced with you, afraid that he will say the wrong thing in front of you, make you unhappy. So if a man is talking to you, the subconscious blushing shows that he already likes you.

“Man blushing sign of attraction—-6 subconsciouss prove that this man likes you”

Second, smile at you.  Smiling is a way for everyone to be friendly to others, but it can be different when it comes to people you like. Smiling at others will not always hang on the face, more is to say hello when the show; When you meet someone you like, you can’t help smiling when you see it. So if a man can’t help laughing at you when he sees you, it’s mostly heart-tingling.

Third, protect yourself.  Like your man, most will be to you pity jade, can not bear you to be hurt, so will do their best to protect you. This protection can be reflected in many ways, such as when you are in danger, he protects you. He helps you out when you are in trouble; He helps you share things when you’re having unhappy ones. So if there’s a man who’s always subconsciously helping you protect yourself in life, it means he likes you. 

“Man blushing sign of attraction—-6 subconsciouss prove that this man likes you”

Four, always look at you.  When a person likes another person, he will pay attention to her every move, eyes will always be intentionally or unintentionally to the person he likes. If you find a man who will always look at you whenever you have contact, you should pay attention, he is mostly good for you. He pays attention to your every move, wants to know your life and character, but sometimes does not know how to express, so will silently watch you. So if you find a man watching you in silence, it means he likes you.

Five, timely comfort you. If a man likes you, then your joy and sorrow become his joy and sorrow, and your emotions will have a great influence on him. So, when you are not happy, he will appear in time, accompany you, comfort you; Because he doesn’t want to see you unhappy, he will hope that you have always been a girl with a big smile, even if you encounter unhappy things, he will find a way to help you share. So if a man always comforts you when you’re unhappy, there’s a good chance he’ll like you in his heart.  Six, listen to you.  A man who likes you will cherish every contact with you, and what you say will listen to his heart and think. Maybe you just say that you like to eat chips, the man who likes you may be in mind, and will often bring you to eat. You let him do anything, he won’t grind, he’ll help you with it. So if a man is willing to listen to you and help you do what you want to do, it means he’s already in love with you.

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