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First, when talking to you blush in life the average boy and ordinary friends when talking jokes, mutual damage is not under the words, but only in the face of their favourite girls, easy to blush heartbeat. If a man talks to you, he blushes to show that he is very shy when faced with you, afraid that he will say the wrong thing in front of you, make you unhappy. So if a man is talking to you, the subconscious blushing shows that he already likes you.

“Describe an attractive man”

Some boys are shyer, if he likes a girl, he will be involuntarily blushing, especially when the girls look at him, when you find someone looking at you, you will look back to find that he is looking at you, but this time he will blush situation, which also shows that he likes you.

General boys meet their favourite people, he often face will hang a smile, mouth corner is just no way to control, sometimes even if you do not see, when thinking of you, he will be involuntarily smiling, and this effect is from the heart, this small generally doting laugh, rather than a polite smile.

Boys in front of like people are generally very gentle, in fact, he is a more overbearing feeling of others, but for people he likes, he will often show very gentle, sometimes and their favourite girls to talk, I will give you a very good feeling, in front of their favourite people, the voice is always very soft.

Second, men like your body movements

Like a person when his hands tend to cross his chest, this time shows that he is more nervous because the average person in front of people is more nervous, so often there will be some small movements, this action explains his inner thoughts, and want to express feelings, but dare not. 2, when a man likes you, his body will slightly forward, because he wants to have a certain sense of existence in front of you, want to get up close with you, and is also a way to imply that you, sleeping men are more thoughtful, to their favourite people are more important, and this kind of person will be very concerned about each other.

“Describe an attractive man”


3, in front of the like people, will like to kick their legs, and this kind of person’s self-protection desire is very strong, this kind of man, once like a woman, will be very persistent, by this kind of man like, there are a good side and bad side because this man will be more entangled.

“His care is not just talking.” The girl sneezed cold, and you could silently untie your coat and put it on him; The girl covered her stomach, face bloodless lying on the table, you can hand her a cup of hot milk; The girl is full of big men and heavy objects, you can go up without saying a word to help her share the weight… In the inherent cognition of women, boys are generally rough, do not pay attention to the existence of details, do not see the girl’s careful thinking. But once a thick-line creature, can make the girl feel “he was so careful”, that moment you – will be the girl’s eyes with the same light presence. Boys in the exchanges, the appropriate release of their own “paternalism”, to give girls the attention and consideration, then such a mature and careful boy will let the girls in the heart silently add a point for you. “I’ll be the pride of that man” In fact, in the process of communication, girls are a very insecure group. They sometimes worry about “you’ve met a scum man, you’re just playing with her” and even think, “What do boyfriends like about themselves and what do they like?” Almost all girls, no matter how much they are and how inclusive they are, really care about one thing – boys don’t want to announce relationships in social circles. They will wonder if they are not good enough to shame you. But when a boy can hold her hand in great detail and proudly introduces “This is my girlfriend!” “Or, in front of a friend, take out a photo to “show off” how good-looking your girlfriend is. This moment “because of her and full of pride” you, in fact, in the eyes of girls really attractive.

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