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1, speech is not frivolous, but will not be too serious, there is always just the right humour, drive the atmosphere, let everyone laugh.

This kind of other life, it is easy to make people produce the next door big boy’s kindness.

“What kind of boys are most popular”

2, once the commitment, will be responsible for the table.

He may not be proactive and enthusiastic to help you a lot, but as long as the promised things, no matter how small, he will do his best to help you close to perfection.

It may seem a little proud, but his promise will give you a lot of peace of mind once you’re out of the ロ.

3, mature, but occasionally there will be a young side, let you think he is very simple.

When you talk to him about life, you’ll find that people plan clearly and down-to-earth

4, good at discovering the small details of life, always give people a sense of novelty, such as know double-click screen tips of boys, most of them are very attractive

5, no matter what the occasion, revealed a wave of self-confidence. You won’t be nervous when you meet your boss. This self-confidence, not related to family background, but a kind of calm in the bone, in the face of anyone, anything, will stand up to the plate, self-esteem and respect for others on the same footing.

“What kind of boys are most popular”

6, not afraid. Don’t resist new things, full of curiosity, whether it is their own like, or their own fear, are willing to try. This kind of boy, often very knowledgeable, and they go out to play together, there will be a lot of novel experience.

7, has its own unique personality. It Will is not because of someone else’s laugh, a skeptical look, on the wavering change themselves. Seemingly a little different, I’m just very clear about what I want:

8, less ability to speak, super reliable! Usually not long, once you encounter problems to consult him, he can always plug in the key points, quickly help you solve.

9, well-rounded, no obvious big belly. Not necessarily strong, but at a glance, will make others feel very healthy, sunny. Reveal a small secret: if you are not very cute, but also versatile, in the eyes of most girls, boys a fat really destroyed all, so at least before love must keep a good figure 10, and work with him, no matter what, do not worry too much about you, as long as follow him, will be able to easily and smoothly complete the task.

11, positive sunshine, rarely complains, always with a healing smile on his face. University has a male classmate, there is a period of time special bad luck, the examination and research a little bit, work re-test even put pigeons, we all feel unfair for him, he instead used self-deprecation to comfort others, completely do not see a trace of distress. This kind of boy not only they’re own cheerful, but usually also special will comfort people, become their friends, you like to have a warm little Tai yang, life is always warm.

12, almost no enemies, even if there are particularly annoying people, will only silently keep their distance, will not pull on others behind their backs.

“What kind of boys are most popular” 

13, willing to encourage, praise other people’s boys, most of the emotional intelligence is very high, so very popular

14, always retain a sense of mystery, will not fully expose themselves to others, let people have a strong curiosity about him.

15, play, then anyone is strong, can be called the king of the atmosphere; And this kind of boy to become friends, can play, but also learn, simply do not too treasure.

16, have manners, to ensure that their own interests are not infringed, will not let others embarrassed. Soft without procrastination, hard but not sharp – that’s the best summary of this type of boy.

17. He may not be handsome, but many small details will make you feel very educated and warm. Go out with him, he’ll always pull out a bag of paper when you need it, walk on the side of the car, and help you open the door when you need it. Whether it is treated boys or girls, are so gentlemanly boys, people will often be very good.

18, the boundaries are clear. Will not be ambiguous with the opposite sex, friends are friends, there will be no cross-border concern, once there is an object, it will be very single-minded.

19, good at interaction, always make people feel happy boys, will also be very popular,

20, will not casually say. Go out with him, or eat, and give your recommendations every time. But he doesn’t stick to his guns, instead, he takes care of others.

21, will not take “friends’ help” for granted. Friends help him move home, will buy a few bottles of drinks, please a meal, or other favours, no matter the size, he will take the initiative to give back, will not let others help.

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