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 Medical research shows that sedentary sitting can do great harm to men. Sedentary makes the vulva, scrotum long-term compression, compression of the hips and thighs of the bladder through the muscles, resulting in the bladder and liver gas and blood flow is not working well, resulting in the genital blood circulation is blocked, and thus make the bladder dysfunction. In the kidney-bladder phase table, liver and kidney homologous, sedentary men are twice as likely to have dysfunction as men who exercise.

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In daily life, people should not only reduce the time to sit, but also integrate this small action into their daily life! In Chinese medicine theory, the sexual ability can be improved by stimulating the foot. A simple and practical way is to tiptoe more.

1, often pad toe helps to benefit kidney strong yang, improve sexual function, especially when urinating more tiptoe effect is better. Tiptoeing is about holding your feet together, tiptoeing hard, and then relaxing.

“Signs of a strong man—-strong men do it every day”

2, tiptoe can exercise the lower limb muscles. When tiptoeing, the amount of blood squeezed out each time the muscles at the back of the calves contract is roughly equivalent to the amount of blood flow by the heart pulse. The office family is best to avoid sitting for long periods of time and get up from time to time to do a few sets of foot exercises.

3, men in urinating, it is best to tiptoe more and contract the anus, which will improve the strength of the force of the urine muscles, increase the filling of kidney gas, exercise the muscles of the waist, so that urination more smoothly, to revive the male male-male.

Men’s health concern is getting higher and higher, then you do not know what men eat healthier, Chinese medicine revealed that men’s taste, men’s health must eat 8 foods!

1 Deep-sea fish

The age of hyperlipidemia and stroke in men is decreasing, while omega-3 fatty acids in deep-sea fish can prevent blood clotting, reduce blood vessel contraction, reduce triglycerides, etc., which is particularly beneficial to heart vessels. Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, including mackerel, autumn knife fish, grouper, salmon, etc., can be eaten instead, but remember to eat fish at least twice a week.

2 fresh dates

Men are chronically under pressure and need supplementary nutrition because of their long-term role as undertakers at work, in the family and society. People who are often stressed can eat three to five fresh dates a day to supplement their vitamin C and cope with their work. In addition to fresh dates, vitamin C-rich foods include kiwis, oranges, oranges, broccoli, asparagus, etc., which can help the secretion of the adrenal cortex (a stress-resistant hormone) to combat stress.

3 tomatoes

Lycopene removes free radicals from the prostate and protects prostate tissue. This natural carotenoid is mainly found in tomatoes, watermelons, grapefruits and other red food, an adult eating 100-200 grams of tomatoes a day, can meet the body’s needs for lycopene, and cooked tomatoes are more easily absorbed by the body.

“Signs of a strong man—-strong men do it every day”

4 garlic

Garlic is known to have a powerful bactericidal force that can eliminate bacteria that invade the body. But you know what? It also helps with the absorption of vitamin B1, boosts the metabolism of sugars to produce energy and relieves fatigue. Another function of garlic that cannot be ignored is to boost immunity, which also contains lead selenium with antioxidant effects and is therefore considered an anti-cancer food.

Eat more oysters

The quality and quantity of sperm in men are declining since they are 24 years old. Male semen contains a lot of zinc, when the body is deficient in zinc, will affect the number and quality of sperm. And the food seafood, shrimp, crab is the most abundant zinc content, a small slug in the zinc content can meet the needs of a day (15 mg), thereby enhancing the performance of men. Zinc-rich foods include fish, pig liver, beef, shrimp, shellfish, cabbage, sesame seeds, peanuts, soybeans and soy products. 

6 eggs

There is no doubt that eating eggs in the morning is the best breakfast for men. Studies have shown that eating an egg every morning does not increase cholesterol and causes people to consume fewer calories throughout the day and unknowingly lose weight. Because eggs provide high-quality protein, as well as 12 vitamins and minerals to fully meet men’s nutritional needs, B vitamins help improve memory and brain activity more helpful for men.

7 nuts

Nuts have the advantages of high fibre, high protein, heart-healthy and anti-ageing. Nuts should therefore be a daily food for men. However, due to the high-fat content, so eat should also pay attention to the control of the amount. Whether it’s almonds, peanuts, walnuts or hazelnuts, it’s no more than half the best day.

“Signs of a strong man—-strong men do it every day”

8 Kiwi

Kiwi nutritional value is famous in the fruit industry, known as the “fruit crown”, containing high-density nutrients. A kiwi guarantees the vitamin C you need throughout the day, as well as a rich vitamin A, as well as plant fibre and potassium.

Kiwis are also very convenient to eat, cut in half with a knife, take a spoon like ice cream, you can eat very tasteful.

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