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Many people mentioned to save love, they all know to break the connection, cold treatment. In fact, this is not 100% correct. After all, different situations should be adopted in different ways. Don’t think that all problems can be solved by one stroke. But it’s very necessary to deal with it calmly.

“Silence is key after a breakup”

Some people always say how painful they are after breaking up, they can’t help contacting each other. In fact, it is normal to bear it. It is unnecessary to imagine it so terrible. You can bear it, that is, it is not painful, and there is no need to think about how to recover it so hard.

No matter how to save love, it is important to keep a clear and calm mind so that you can analyze the situation rationally. Some people are in good condition. When you break up, you can still contact naturally. The other side doesn’t exclude them. Then you can keep in touch completely.

But keeping in touch is not equal to active and frequent active contact, especially frequent, which should be well controlled. I believe that most of the people who just break up and want to save love will try to contact frequently and actively in the case of irresistible of each other, hoping to make the feelings warm again.

This is a problem that the role is not in the right direction. Although he said that he broke up, you both acknowledged the fact, but the actual situation can be contacted, and it is possible that he does not want to be so cruel. But if you continue to keep this connection going on, the other person may force you to position yourself to see the reality.

Because the distance between friends and lovers is different, quantitative change will lead to qualitative change. The closer you are, the more uncomfortable he will be and eventually choose to flee. Why some lovers separated originally looked good, but because of entanglement, the situation became worse.

Another situation is that after the break-up, the other party is completely exclusive to you, blocked state. You can contact them at this time, in addition to increasing his negative impression on you, it will also hurt you.

Don’t think it’s OK to hit, many people are depressed or stimulated by it, and make more aggressive behaviour, resulting in an uncountable result. So don’t overestimate your Eq.

At this time you should calm down, take the appropriate cold treatment, through this process, to reduce his resistance to you. But during this period, you can try to be alone and sort out the relationship. What problems have happened between you, why conflicts will occur and how to solve them.

Don’t think about “can you contact me”, “how to contact him”, “what if he doesn’t care about me,” if he refuses me to do it, these problems will only make you more afraid and will not help you solve the problem.

The key point is to grasp the cold treatment time. As we said before, everyone is different. Some people don’t need cold treatment at all. Just control the frequency of the connection. And among those who need cold treatment, according to the degree of conflict between the other party, it may take different times to cool treatment. It is difficult to explain this clearly, but only to take corresponding actions based on experience and changes in the cold treatment process.

Is it possible that he forgot you when it was cold? Or forget this relationship, fade, no longer love? This problem is a little worrying, but it is not the key point.

“Silence is key after a breakup”

We turn our thinking around, why do you need to deal with it? That’s because he’s very exclusive of you and refuses all the connections from you. Why refuse to think about it? No one will refuse to like people and have feelings. He did this because you left him with negative impressions, so she refused you to enter his world again.

But what you worry about is “cold treatment he may forget my good”, this problem is very meaningless. Because he never thought of your good at this time.

Instead, you calm him for a while. When he is calm down, maybe he can think of a little bit of the past. It is also a little surprise that cold treatment may bring you.

You may be in pain after breaking up, but if you want to solve the problem and recover your feelings smoothly, try to keep yourself calm and not make excessive or entangled behaviours. According to their own situation, consider whether it is necessary for cold treatment. We will not be blind, not impatient, and analyze and adjust the treatment step by step according to the current situation, and will not be confused when we recover love. The beautiful future of your love will also be waiting for you in front of you.

Break up don’t entangle, learn to be calm women!

If you are entangled again, you will surely be dragged into hell. After breaking up, you should find out the reason for the other party. Learn to be a calm woman, only then have more chance to save love. 

1: Stop invalid communication

1. invalid warranty.

2. blame each other for their various non-existent. How can you be so cruel?

3. a pretense sweet speech.

2、 Devalue your own value

Don’t be too close to forcing the other party into action when you say such a cruel thing. Besides the fight, he also committed suicide, threatened or even threatened each other, and returned his or her gifts.

So what should we lay down? How to be a calm woman?

First, the establishment of mentality and the promotion of self-value

In the break-up recovery mentality is particularly important, to correct their mentality and adjust their own emotions, which can be in the break-up recovery of the operation of a good mind.

You should be brave to think about your current position and recovery measures, and seriously think about the small details and aspects you should make improvement and adjustment to.

Don’t put your mind on guessing each other, guess if you use it at all will affect your emotions.

Instead of focusing on improving your own value, you can only attract the other person back to you.

Second: create scarcity and mystery

It is a big taboo to expose your own sense of need and to devalue your self-worth in the process of recovery, so you should learn to create your own sense of scarcity.

Don’t put your daily and changing in front of each other and pan out, to learn to hide and cover-up properly.

This will give the other party a bright feeling. If you are in each state, every small operation is sent to the other party through the circle of friends. On the one hand, the other party will gradually lose interest in the process.

Third: step by step according to the steps of recovery

Everyone’s endurance is different, so everyone’s recovery plan is certainly different, and the most important thing is to recover the remedy.

Don’t blindly operate your own things to make things worse, sometimes even lose each other directly.

It is effective to choose the right way to recover. To resist the entanglement of death is not a good choice for both sides.

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