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After the break-up, maybe a little unacceptable at first, but over time, slowly began to calm down, only to find that it seems that the break-up is not so difficult to accept. In this way, slowly break up after the cooling-off period, means that the real acceptance of the break-up. How long does the cooling-off period prove a break-up, how to get through the cooling-off period of the break-up?

“Silence is key after a breakup—-how to get through the cold break up period”

First, how long the cooling-off period proved a break-up

The cooling-off period is actually about accepting the break-up, calming down the period. The cooling period, in fact, men and women will have a certain difference, generally speaking, after a month or two after the break-up of the cooling-off period is not connected, almost means that you two completely ended. For girls, perhaps the original break-up will appear very sad very indecisive, but once into the cooling-off period girls will appear very desperate. And boys, although the break-up at the beginning of the show is very nothing, but the break-up cooling-off period may be much longer, and once this time girls seek compound, boys will be easy to soft-hearted (provided both sides are still single situation).

Second, why should you enter the cooling-off period after the break-up?

Whether or not men and women want to compound after breaking up, they need to be advanced to cool down. On the one hand, both sides need to reflect on the problems you encounter in your relationship, and both need to review themselves. The other is whether to compound this problem, we all want to know that you can not continue to go on, or still wave.

“Silence is key after a breakup—-how to get through the cold break up period”

And after the break-up has not entered the cooling-off period, your mood may not be so stable, this time you may take a dead-end way to entangle the other side, the other side does not answer the phone to continue to play, the other side does not return information also continue to hand in … Wait until the end is blacked out is not dead heart, this is counterproductive.

Third, the cold treatment period after the break-up should not be too long

If you are still thinking about breaking up after the cooling-off period compound, then you need to pay attention to the cold treatment period after the break-up should not be too long. Because of the break-up cooling off too long, the other side is easy to get used to a person’s life, or the other party has begun a new relationship, this time wants to compound it is not so easy. So, after the break-up in order not to break the compound hope, it is best to give two people a cold treatment period. However, this cold treatment period should never be too long, not more than half a month or more. If you break up after hanging each other for a month or two and then go to her, it is estimated that there is no play.

“Silence is key after a breakup—-how to get through the cold break up period”

In fact, between men and women, a lot of times break up is not really want to break up, but the two sides after a favourable conflict broke out. If the problem is handled well, it can continue to make good; If not handled well, it is to really break up, and then go into the break-up cooling-off period, if into the cooling-off period, is divided or sum, it depends on how you do.

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