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Subtitle: male characteristics with strong sexual function, male characteristics with strong sexual ability, how to judge men with the strong sexual ability and see where men have strong sexual ability.

It is well known that one’s sexual desire (sexual ability) cannot be judged simply by appearance, but we still look at how to judge men’s sexual desire (sexual ability) by appearance and behaviour by various research-based statements.

“Signs of a strong man”

A healthy man. There is no doubt that healthy men have a strong sexual desire (sexual ability), what is a healthy man? Most of them can be seen at one glance, such as full of the spirit of energy, skin health, elasticity and lustre, nail pink has lustre. Physical and mental health is the key to the success and satisfaction of sexual expression. Any unhealthy factors, such as bad intestines and stomach, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, prostatitis, etc., will have different degrees of influence on sexual desire (sexual ability).

Healthy men have a strong sexual desire (sexual ability)

Men with high androgen. Male characteristics of high androgen: shoulder width and waist are fine, the body is strong, fat is less, metabolism is fast, it is not easy to get fat, the immune system is strong, illness is easy to recover, the wound is easy to heal, energy is vigorous and has good endurance, never feel tired, recover quickly after exercise, eyes are God, walking is vigorous, body posture is straight and strong, skin health is bright and red, the Self-feeling is good, confident, not easy to be irritable and angry, can control yourself, have a dominant opinion, more self-centred, and insist on firm and decisive, not allow yourself to be timid and weak, agile, directional, logical, clear thinking, focused, aggressive (strong regard same-sex as competitors, high initiative, love to fight, ambition, strong, Life has a strong goal and will be implemented constantly. He likes to dominate the command and control, and never retaliates against the enemy or when he is provoked).

“Signs of a strong man”

Editor’s opinion: the male hormone is high, sexual desire is strong, this is still relatively scientific. Note that men who have too high androgens beyond the normal range (usually caused by tumours or steroids) will convert too much androgen into estrogen, while the high estrogen in the body will cause his sexual desire to decline or even disappear.

Men with high androgen have strong sexual desire

A man with God in his eyes. The eye has God is male hormone high performance, why should be listed separately? Because the eyes are the windows of mental and physical health, others can cheat, but the eyes are difficult to cheat. This is a very important window to judge the real world within a person. A man with strong physical health and sexual desire is actively enjoying the beautiful world. He feels good about himself and easily feels the sexy of women. His eyes are very bright and full of self-confidence. He can conquer women and increase his confidence and spirit in turn; But a person with low sexual desire, feels life is not strong, not easy to feel the sexy woman, the eyes will be dim irrelevant.

Men with God in their eyes have a strong sexual desire

A man who likes sports. Proper exercise can promote health, maintain or restore androgen, which is beneficial to increase sexual desire (sexual ability). The men with the strong sexual desire can not leave sex. Life will be around this, including participating in sports to improve their body size, strength to “capture” women, participate in sports to improve health and enjoy sex better. Attention should be paid to exercise properly. After tracking, many studies have found that male hormones in men who have been engaged in heavy-weight exercise and long-distance running for a long time will be reduced, and the performance in bed may not match the strong appearance.

“Signs of a strong man”

Do men who like sports have a strong sexual desire

Men with a standard weight and small stomachs. Obesity, especially beer belly, will bring a series of harm to male health, including hyperlipidemia, hypertension, etc. the body fat will also convert androgen into estrogen through aromatic alcohol, resulting in the high level of estrogen in men, and the final result is the decrease of sexual desire (sexual ability). So men should remember to avoid making their belly bigger and also to prevent the whole body from becoming fat. Men with a standard-weight stomach may have a higher sexual desire (sexual ability) than men who are fat and have a larger stomach. Men who take part in the exercise and increase their weight will be higher than the standard, and it is normal.

The sexual desire of a man with asymmetrical, thin stomach and small body

A man with a ring finger longer than the index finger. According to John Manning, a biologist at Liverpool University, men who received more androgen stimulation in their womb have longer ring fingers than index fingers. The longer the ring finger is than the index finger, the more aggressive the male, the better the ability to exercise, and the more masculine the face (sharp edges and corners). Debbie Moskowitz, a professor at McGill University in Canada, found that men with longer ring fingers are better at women, more patient to listen to women, smile at women, pay for women, and praise women. The shorter the ring finger is, the more difficult it is for men to get along with women. Maybe a man with strong sex is more willing to spend time and energy pleasing women? John Manning found in another study that men with longer ring fingers were less likely to drink than men with index fingers. Perhaps the man with strong sexual desire pays attention to sex, afraid alcohol affects sexual enjoyment?

Editor’s opinion: the longer the ring finger is, the longer the index finger, the male may be stimulated by more androgen in the womb, but the androgen level in adults should not be affected by it. Therefore, it is not accurate to judge sexual desire by looking at the length of the ring finger and index finger.

Is the man with a ring finger longer than the index finger has strong sexual desire?

A man with a wide face. Several studies in the West show that men with wide faces may have a stronger sexual desire. For example, according to facial disclosure: facial width is associated with tests one level in men, it shows that the face width is higher than the male hormone of the face minister, so it is possible that the face width is more male (better and better than the better), and the sexual desire is stronger. Note that the face width is not large, but the ratio of the width of the face to the length of the face. It is said that it is similar to a round face or square face. The cheekbone of a person with this face type is relatively large, giving a clear sense of angular.

But according to the latest research, such as the fifth volume of adaptive human behaviour and physiology in 2019, Volume 2 further confirms that the wide face or long face is not related to the level of androgen. In fact, studies have confirmed that the masculine level of men’s faces is not associated with the level of androgen in the body.

A man with a wide face has a strong sexual desire

A man with a raised butt. Unfortunately, men’s buttocks cannot be linked to sexual desire. But if you have a tight butt, whether it’s warped or not, it’s probably going to be prominent. In addition, if your butt makes you more confident or women more comfortable, it is likely to increase your sexual desire. According to a survey of men’s health abroad, asked which part of the men was sexiest, 33 percent of women chose men’s faces, while 21 percent chose men’s butt.

A man with a raised butt

A man with little pressure. Stress is a big culprit in modern society to kill sexual desire, and the latter is staying up late and fat. We have varying degrees of stress every day, from money, careers, families, relationships, and physical illness or concerns about suspected illness. Under pressure, the brain indicates that cortisol (stress hormone) is secreted, and androgen is inhibited, thus inhibiting sexual desire. Exercise also produces stress. Many studies have found that the accumulation of cortisol in men who have been engaged in heavy-weight sports and long-distance running for a long time will accumulate too much, while androgen will decrease, so proper exercise is the right way. Full of warmth and lust, that is when people relax and enjoy the strongest sexual desire.

Men with less stress have the strongest sexual desire

A man with a better appetite. Good sex needs to keep your appetite and there are few gastrointestinal problems. One often complains about gastrointestinal problems, such as stomach distention, and is likely to be affected by sexual desire. Pay attention to keeping weight, eating balanced, avoid overeating. A man with a good appetite may not have his body standard when he is overweight.

Appetite, sex

A man who pays due attention to appearance. A man with strong desire will subconsciously attract the opposite sex by subconsciously attracting the opposite sex, including the appearance of the person, such as keeping it simple and tidy, including the clean and fragrant mouth, and trying to make himself look handsome or charming. Men with general or low sexual desire, which are indifferent to women, may not spend time and energy to make themselves attractive and will be unremitting.

Pay attention to the male sexual desire of appearance

A man who smells comfortable. A small survey by Charlie University in Prague, Portugal, shows that women during ovulation find that “men in men” have a more comfortable and sexy body. What is “man in men”? It is the men with a strong sense of competition, like to dominate the control and command, like the men who are in the lead, men with a little bit of momentum, and men with a strong sense of strength. This man may have higher androgen, so he may perform better in bed.

Is it good for men who smell comfortable?

What is the sexual ability of hair loss men? According to traditional Chinese medicine, the sexual ability of hair exuberance may be better. However, western medicine has a saying that male hair loss is due to high androgen since the male hormone is high, then sexual desire. Unfortunately, later, whether it is the study or the patients’ own hormone detection, it is confirmed that hair loss is not due to high androgen, and the real mechanism of hair loss has not been solved, but it is certain that hair loss is related to genetic inheritance.

Several studies have shown that hair loss is related to potential health problems such as heart disease. For example, in 2010, 60% of the people with hair loss had metabolic syndrome, and only 12.5% of the non-hair loss groups; 32% of the people with hair loss had atheromatous plaques, and only 7.5% of the non-hair loss groups.

Therefore, hair loss is probably caused by genetic and health problems, which leads to the sensitivity of scalp hair follicles to DHT.

Editor’s opinion: whether hair loss is caused by health problems or not, it may cause patients annoyance and self-confidence. In terms of the sexual desire of men who have hair loss, the possibility of alopecia is a little slimmer than that of non-hair loss.

Is the alopecia man sexually active?

Is body hair related to sexual desire? It was once said that men with more hair had higher androgens than men with less hair, so they had stronger sexual desire. However, according to science, the number of male hair is not related to the level of androgen but is related to the sensitivity of skin hair follicles to androgen. This is genetic, which means that: some men have very little body hair no matter how high the androgen is, some men have low androgen, and also have vigorous body hair, and the body hair can not reflect the level of androgen, So it seems that it is harder to judge sexual desire (sexual ability) by looking at body hair than to go to heaven.

In addition, according to the clinical, if female endocrine disorders cause more body hair, sexual desire is decreased, which is contrary to the statement that women have more sexual desire.

Is the man with more body hair strong sexual desire?

Does beard have to do with sexual desire? This is like hair, but also some people thought that male hormone high men, the beard is more. However, according to the scientific beard, there is no relationship between the level of androgen and the number of male hormones, but the sensitivity of hair follicles around the mouth and cheek to androgen, which is genetic, so it is also a dragon event to judge sexual desire by looking at the beard. Because beard growth is proportional to the age of men, which means that men with more beards may be older than men with fewer beards, so sexual desire (sexual ability) is relatively poor. In addition, some people who connect ears, nose, fingers, eyebrows and other things with sexual desire (sexual ability) also seem very far-fetched, for the sake of writing. 

Men with more beards have the weak sexual desire?

A man who doesn’t smoke and drinks. Smoking and drinking have been widely proved to affect health and sexual desire and have been widely accepted by society. Therefore, the sexual desire of men who do not smoke and drink is stronger than that of regular smoking and drinking, especially after middle and old age, the difference between them will be obvious. Men with strong sexual desire enjoy the pleasure of having a fish water relationship with women, so they may try to eliminate any factors that hinder such enjoyment, including smoking, drinking, illness and injury. Occasional social smoking and occasional drinking of a little alcohol should not have a significant impact.

Men who don’t smoke and drink have a strong sexual desire


Most of the 20-30-year-old people have very strong sexual desire, few weak, even if he looks sick, sexual desire is also very strong. Sex is inversely compared with age. The older you are, the weaker the desire is. This is the first point.

Men like you, and he has a strong desire; He doesn’t like you or doesn’t see your sexuality (like a seven-year itch man and woman) and he’s weak. So it is not the one-sided sexual function that finds the most important thing to like each other. He doesn’t like you very much. It is the second point that he has a very good sexual function (for you).

Third, a person’s sexual desire (sexual ability) is related to many factors, including body, psychology, mentality, concept, knowledge and experience, understanding, the priority of life and the situation. Except that the healthy and energetic God may judge that his sexual desire (sexual ability) should not be bad, other statements should be treated with caution.

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