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The word “bad guy” often appears. In fact, scum men, make women love and hate.

The reason they love is that they are good at acting and can give you sweet love. The reason they hate it is because they can easily steal a person’s heart, but they don’t want to give back.

It’s best to be close to each other. Just like playing games, only people of the same level can enjoy the fun of the game. If the gap is too large, there will be a crushed or crushed relationship.

Many girls have just been born, the judgment of men has not reached the level of eye-catching, so in each other’s sweet words, they are very confused, easy to have sex, they are happy to think that this is a show of love for each other.

“He pulled away after you slept together”

People’s social characteristics can be expressed through some behaviours. They are not familiar with the world, and unfair times are not terrible. As long as they stop the loss in time, they can avoid maximum damage.

So if there’s a young girl who’s related to the opposite sex, remember to look closely. If the other person has these three body language, it is undoubtedly a bad person.

1 – After a period of intimacy, they began to estrange

It feels like someone who doesn’t usually study. Who wants to read more after the exam?

Love in the eyes of bad people hasn’t been saying for a long time. We can do anything to achieve their goals.

You can also create a false image of love for yourself, and when it’s done, you’ll be ruthlessly away, smart and sharp, cruel to the extreme.

2 – After intimacy, set yourself aside and do your own thing

Before I saw a question about the tiger: “After having sex with my boyfriend, he always put me aside and bathed himself.” Does he still love me? ”

Gao’s approving answer is: “If a man cares only about his emotions after falling in love and doesn’t care about you, he must not love you.” ”

Psychologically, after two people have sex, women will have a certain degree of shame and guilt. At this time, they need the comfort of men most.

“He pulled away after you slept together” 

Essentially, this is not a task, but a frank exchange between two people, based on the soul of the body.

Two people who love each other will cherish this because they know that if two people work together with all their lives, they need not only material but also spirit.

As for the scum, they just love the process. As for the results, it doesn’t matter to them, so you don’t need to care how you feel.

3- Your relationship is ambiguous

If a person really loves you, he can’t wait to announce your relationship with the world, not be vague.

In a word, we feel the beauty of love in this world, so that those so-called people will hurt our hearts again and again.

All the setbacks in life are not difficult, but the word “love” has been bothering many people, setbacks make people sad. But it can make people grow.

Bad people never say they’re bad people, and bad people don’t make you realize that easily. All we can do is not to be confused by sweet words, not to be blinded by false images, and to remain rational forever. On the road of life, we meet someone who really loves us.

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