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The girls have two contradictory problems:

1. Why can a man sleep with a woman he doesn’t love, such as a one-night stand?

2. Why did the man turn cold to me after sleeping with me a few times?

Men’s and women’s attitudes to sex are different from two planets, and if women understand what sex means to men, they understand what most men do, seemingly without discipline, but with logic.

“He pulled away after you slept together—-how long does it take from the beginning to bed”

In fact, men are much simpler than women, they are a behaviour-determining attitude of the creature. Unlike women, the thoughts and actual expressions go around several bends.

To understand a man, never listen to what he says, let alone try to explain what is behind his words, and analyzing constellations and blood types is mostly unreliable behaviour.

The reason why the industry is so developed has told you the answer: men can sleep with women they don’t love.

Strictly speaking, sexual needs can drive them to find a lady, and favourable sexual needs are enough to have a one-night stand and an affair.

But women have to find life not because of this, not to ask who loves more, who is better, that can only push men farther and farther.

It’s easy for a man to have sex with a woman, but without a deep spiritual fit, they’ll just get colder and colder.

“He pulled away after you slept together—-how long does it take from the beginning to bed”

For example, a person loves to eat cake, but cake room even if exquisite and delicious, it is not possible to eat the same one ten times, but if it is made by their own hands, even if the ugly taste is not good, but because it is from scratch, because of their own pay and completed, in the heart of the meaning is very different, people at least will be particularly cherished, not because the interest fades, it is easy to give up. 

Maslow’s theory divides requirements into physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging, respect, and self-actualization, from lower to higher levels. After the need for self-fulfilment, there is the need for self-transcendence (Self-Transcendence needs)

And sex is only the lowest level of physiological needs, equivalent to food and water, but to solve the physiological needs of people, especially men, must be far from the beautiful love, just a person’s basic desire to vent.

So women are not and men can not sleep, nor how fast to go to bed is good, how slow to go to bed is not good, too many women and their tangled this problem, it is better to know whether this man can go to bed stage, character, character, work and whether they really like to know?

For example, just know a man not long ago, see one side agreed to touch people, see two sides promised to sleep with men. At this time women should think, is not their own things under-considered, let men think you are too silly too many times good bullying, is completely taking advantage of you cheap.

“He pulled away after you slept together—-how long does it take from the beginning to bed”

The point is not to sleep with a man who does not establish emotional links, especially deeper emotional links, such a woman can only satisfy the man’s physiological desires, meet the man will fade or even leave, without any gentle considerate and attachment to your feelings.

It is impossible for a woman to expect a wrong start, but to get the right result.

Many men see the girl as young and beautiful, instinctively want to approach, this is human nature ah, people like beautiful things, curious ah like to come forward to see what is going on, but he himself is not necessarily clear what he wants to do, and you eat, chat, heart depressed vent, and even see if it is white rich beauty cheat some money or something, this has to touch to determine it

Girls may look at each other quite handsome quite nurturing, as if rich and will chat, to their own initiative a little, the girl is considered to like themselves, in this real society, by the society of men like girls are not necessarily good, but dangerous things.

When you get along over time, get to know each other, have emotional exchanges, especially when the woman determines that she really likes this man, this man is not approaching himself with some kind of purpose, not a momentary feeling good (too many women are blinded by the illusion that men do), then further behaviour is correct, can get real emotional sublimation.

That kind of mutual understanding for a long time very familiar, mutual secret love to confess together, even the first day of bed is not fast. At this point you rise to the need for love and belonging in Maslow’s theory, reaching true sexual intimacy, not just sexual needs.

Of course, the women I appreciate more are that they only have sex with the men they like, enjoy going to bed, and don’t feel like who’s taking advantage of who’s in bed. Feel comfortable and go back to sleep, feel unhappy on 88 to find the next one.

Not because of the bed feel that men are responsible for me, get out of bed or I myself, not because I slept with you I changed, I will rely on you, can not be separated from you, but all to see whether the performance of men is to meet their own needs, meet and then continue together, do not break their own bottom line, do their own body master.

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