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How to write sexual tension—-what do men want most from sex

What do men want most from sex? Men value sex, women express love by kissing or cooking delicious meals, and men are the most straightforward sex. But in bed, when a man will hold on, he wants you to take the initiative, not him. So what do men want most in bed?

emotional Life Love Psychology

Silence is key after a breakup

Many people mentioned to save love, they all know to break the connection, cold treatment. In fact, this is not 100% correct. After all, different situations should be adopted in different ways. Don’t think that all problems can be solved by one stroke. But it’s very necessary to deal with it calmly.

emotional Life Love Psychology

Silence is key after a breakup—-how to get through the cold break up period

After the break-up, maybe a little unacceptable at first, but over time, slowly began to calm down, only to find that it seems that the break-up is not so difficult to accept. In this way, slowly break up after the cooling-off period, means that the real acceptance of the break-up. How long does the cooling-off period prove a break-up, how to get through the cooling-off period of the break-up?