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1. After meeting you, look at other women

It’s like insulting your eyes.

“What to comment on a girl’s picture” 

2. In the flow of people, I found you at a glance

I can’t say you’re the most beautiful of them all

But I dare say you’re one of the best of them all

3. You float like a soft cloud in front of my eyes

Your beautiful face is full of spring-like beautiful smiles

4. You are so beautiful as a lyric poem

5. In fact, you are not so good, are more beautiful than other girls, gentle, smart, virtuous, sensible, generous, modest …

6. With you, I have colour in my dim life

7. It’s my pleasure to meet you in a lovely and beautiful world of 1.3 billion people

8. You are not only beautiful but also more beautiful

There are two kinds of girls in the world who are the cutest

One is beautiful, the other is intelligent

And you’re a smart, beautiful girl

“What to comment on a girl’s picture”

10. Your beauty makes all the girls jealous

I didn’t know until I looked at you

I’m actually very good at colour

11. I’ve never praised anyone, but I have to say to you:

There is no more beautiful girl in the world than you

12. There must be no moon today

Because the light of the moon covers you

13. Look at the smiling you suddenly found

I’m the happiest person in the world

14. The best-looking man in the world doesn’t believe you in my eyes

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