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A teenage student found us message said: I think my boyfriend more and more do not love me before I was angry and angry he will immediately come to coax me, will immediately serve soft, no matter what will first apologize to me, but together for so long, feel he is more and more reluctant to coax me, sometimes I am angry he simply walk away, sometimes I cry he let me cry, will not take the initiative to admit wrong, feel he changed …

Two people dating for a long time and then conflict, boys from an earlier age by the traditional education: boys to learn to endure. So in the face of girls, they are more aware that they need to accommodate more, so boys generally in the exchange, will be more accommodating to girls.

“Signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys”

At the same time the boys are also afraid of trouble, they can also realize that only quickly coax back the girls, will avoid the outbreak of quarrels and girls, if really get into the girlfriend, need to spend more time more energy to put more effort into the process of coaxing her back, so it is not worth the loss, so the general boys will take the initiative to actively admit mistakes, even if this matter is not they did wrong.

And boys are willing to coax you at first, and then more and more reluctant to cajole, there must be a reason, do you know what the boys really think?

1. Differences in thinking

There is an essential difference between boys and girls in the way of thinking, boys are concerned about one thing itself, what is going on, what kind of development should be, what kind of results can be, and girls are targeting the feelings brought about by the event, this matter makes me feel very sad, I need to be understood to be comforted, I hope to get love support. So after two people have a conflict, the two sides think of the point is not the same, boys think about how to deal with things, and girls think about his attitude towards me. So for a long time, the boy’s focus is this matter even if I coax you, can not solve the problem.

“Signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys” 

2. Relationships are not balanced

Boys in the pursuit of girls are always positive enthusiasm, exhausted all means want to get the favour of people like, it is because of the hard pursuit, is hard-won, and girls in the process of being chased, enjoy the feeling of being loved to be valued, but sometimes the attitude of love is always high, boyfriend is like a servant on your feet, from the moment of love, you signed the wrong treaty. The content of this unequal treaty is that he needs to make every effort to understand that caring for you, that girls can have their own tempers, that they can have wayward thoughts and actions, and that he will cajole anyway.

At the beginning of the love period, men will readily agree to this contract, all your small temper he can accommodate, please your heart. When entering the period of blandness, the man’s mind returns to reason, considering not whether you love me or not, more is – whether you are a qualified object of love. If a woman is still doing her part at this time, the man will begin to hesitate to retreat. So it gives girls the illusion that you’re not as good to me as you used to be.

“Signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys”

3. Always love to push each other away in action

For boys, they may also be defined as wrong, not coaxing will also be defined as wrong, coaxing or not coaxing the price to pay the same, that coaxing may also save some effort, sometimes even if they bow their heads to admit mistakes, or will be girls turn over old accounts attack or not to the steps, this time boys will feel: find a non-stop need to coax to love girlfriend, and buy a need for non-stop repair to drive, no difference. Can only admit to bad luck, bought a bad car, found a second-best girlfriend. Coaxing, completely lost the joy of love, repair on the complete loss of the pleasure of driving.

Girls want boys to cajole to prove their place in his heart. Let him put down his self-esteem and be the one who apologizes for the hot face and cold ass. Can never think, this love your boy, he also needs a girlfriend to love him to coax him, those who are like a princess holding the supply of girls will eventually become a sweet burden in the hearts of boys. Such feelings will only continue to consume boys’ yearning for love. So we often say “little love, big sad”, if you meet a boy holding you in the palm of your hand, it is really lucky, more should cherish, if you find that your boyfriend is more and more reluctant to coax you, then you need to quickly review your relationship. Don’t let love fade away.

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