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Boys of different personalities, jealous performance will also be different. Usually, boys are jealous of the following:

1. Suddenly ignore you and show a very busy look.

That’s the time for the boys, the surface looks rational, in fact, the heart of the vinegar jar has already been knocked over, and in the stomach to turn the river into the sea. He’s going to be cold, what you say to him, he’s going to ignore it,

When you ask him what he wants to drink and what to eat, he will answer you: “Whatever, I don’t want, just eat it yourself, whatever I do.” “When you ask him something you don’t understand, he’ll tell you, “I don’t know.” I thought to myself, “You don’t like to talk to him, don’t ask me, ask him to go.” Then show a proud expression. I just don’t want to ignore you. Usually, at this time, you should hug him, kiss him, feed him delicious, just like taking care of a small child, just fine.

“Signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys—-what are the signs that a man is jealous”

2. Deliberately provoke other girls.

This is an obvious, jealous performance, he is trying to tell you: “Well, I am jealous, you stay away from him.” “And I want you to eat his vinegar, too.” Seriously, he would even provoke girls who liked him and say something ambiguous. But when you find him, he just ignores you and thinks, “You have to give me a reason, why make me angry, why make me jealous.” “At this point, you should show that you depend on him, that you can praise him, that you stick to him.” So he’ll think he’s better than the boy, and you love him.

3. Say something prickly.

When you boast about another boy or take a look at other boys, it’s usually obvious that boys are jealous. It didn’t matter what it looked like at the time. For example, you said to him, “I think that boy is so handsome, male god hey.” “He would say, “Oh, oh, hey.” You look at him laughing, it doesn’t matter, in fact, the facial expression is very stiff.

You asked him what was wrong. At first, he would say, “It’s all right!” (Don’t look at you) ” and then shout to you: “Why are you so bad-eyed, he is handsome?” Am I handsome? You look at him like that, it’s a playboy, and it’s sultry. It’s a scum man. ”

“Do you want him or me?” Have the skill, you go straight to him! “You grow up like this, and only I want you, only I will really treat you.” Even boys who are usually gentlemen say rude things.

4. Pretend it doesn’t matter.

Boys just like to die to face to live to suffer, clearly jealous to die, hate to tear that boy to pieces. But it also shows that it doesn’t matter, doesn’t care. At this time girls only carefully observe, will find out.

5. Try to express yourself.

Suddenly you are particularly good, buy you a lot of things. Tell you how good he is, how serious, how manly he is. All in all, I want to tell you that I’m good, even better than him. I don’t want you to have anything to do to find someone else, he’s trying to tell you that you have him, that’s enough.

6. Strong smile.

When you’re laughing with another boy. He would laugh with him, too, but the expression of laughter was really ugly. He kept thinking: What’s so funny? Still laughing so brilliantly, I don’t think it’s funny at all. Besides, I’m still here? Can you respect that? It’s like I’m a light bulb. When I don’t exist? And some boys face such an occasion, will go straight away. Then thought to myself: wait for you to come to me, I will ignore you, you and he together, so happy, you find him to go. 

7. There is a flood of possessiveness and control.

Once, my ex-boyfriend came to me to talk. Express what you like. After he saw it, he told the boy, “You’d better keep me away from her, she’s not just my girlfriend now, she’s my future wife, you know.” So how far you roll. ”

Some boys will just hold you in their arms, tell you, don’t ignore him, remember you are mine. If you let me know who thinks of you, you see I don’t pinch him.

In fact, this time the boy is very insecure, he is afraid that you will leave him. So he did it, just a sign of self-preservation.

“Signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys—-what are the signs that a man is jealous”

8. Suddenly show love in a circle of friends and public.

Usually not how to show love, suddenly a strong show love. Generally like this situation, it must be the girl ignored him, and another boy chats together. He is in the circle of friends, not only to brush his sense of existence but also to the world, like those close to you boys announced: you are his, no one wants to touch. Either in front of a friend or a boy who pursues you, hugs you and kisses you. In fact, he is trying to warn those people: you’d better be funny, want to rob my woman, you find death.

9. Do extreme behaviour.

Usually, this time boys are very angry, jealous when. But it also just proves that he cares about you. But often these boys can’t control their emotions very well, and may even lose their minds and do things that you can’t imagine. He may have physically attacked the other person. So girls must not let such boys be jealous, because he really cares about you. Boys should also learn to control their own behaviour, you know, girls love you, not him. If you do this, if you get hurt, how will you protect her later, and she will be very sad.

“Signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys—-what are the signs that a man is jealous”

In short, boys’ jealous performance has a lot, these are purely personal views. The average boy’s jealousy is sometimes imperceptible, but sometimes it’s scary. Despite being jealous, you can show that he really loves you and cares about you. But don’t always make him jealous, he’ll think you don’t care about him. Cherish each other, I wish you all well here.

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