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“I like that dream, in the dream, everything can start over, everything can be explained slowly…” – Xi Muyu

Have you ever dreamed of someone you used to like, even now in a happy and stable relationship? Whether you’re still single or have started a new relationship, or whether you like it or not, the person who has disappeared into your life can appear quietly in your dreams at any time.

If you’ve ever been crazy about the person in your dream, this dream about him is likely to trigger a strong emotion. As if without warning, the shaking and suffering you’ve had in the past have washed you back like a flash flood. Once thought that there will never be any related people, overnight, and occupy all your mind.

“Dream about falling in love with someone you know” 

Why is that? It’s been so long. Is it true that, as in the urban legend, dreaming of him is actually thinking of you? Unless you wake up with a chance or the courage to prove it to that person, you probably won’t be able to get a reliable answer from all sorts of inference assumptions. Dreaming of a person, compared with him thinking about you, is actually a more common reason is that you are thinking of him.

“Dream about falling in love with someone you know”

Here are five reasons why he appeared in your dreams:

You have no feelings for him

One of the most common reasons people dream about a former secret/ambiguous object or predecessor is to still like him. Whether or not the person who left early is himself, you may continue to like him after the separation, and the feeling may be clear and profound after a year and a half.

Your occasional miss is why he appears in your dreams. But even if you can’t let him go, it doesn’t mean that the dreamer is the one you’re ultimately destined to be with. Think back to the day you split up, feel the mood, and then you might wake up and understand why you’re not together now.

2. You never said “goodbye” well.

It’s hard to see a person turn around and leave but powerless. You’ll feel like a fool, and you’ll have no thoughts in your heart. Some feelings often make people wonder, “If we were… Will it be different now? ”

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Stories without an end are always easy to hold on to, can’t forget, and can’t move on. Six months is also good, ten years is also, that kind of feeling can not put down is very similar. When the mind is occupied by a long-standing problem, sometimes our subconscious tries to find answers in our dreams.

3. You’ve been secretly following his movements

If the state of the person you like suddenly appears in the update of the circle of friends, few people can resist clicking to see how he has been lately. Secretly tracking that person’s movements through social platforms can be a huge temptation for someone who has ever had a real relationship. You may wonder whether he is better or worse off after being separated.

How does he look now? Is he still as much of a change as he used to be? Or has it been updated enough to bring you down again? If it’s the latter, it’s no surprise that he’ll appear in your dreams.

If you can’t ask and can’t put it down, you can only see without getting upset. But even if you deliberately block or take other measures to block all information about him, you may still see his photo with a mutual friend, which explains why some people want to leave the circle of friends.

You are dissatisfied with your current emotional state.

If you’re single now or frustrated in your current relationship, your subconscious will try to fill the void with the comfort and warmth that someone or something has given you before. Even if you clearly know that there is no possibility between you and that person, there is no wayward subconscious that prevents you from putting up a script in your dream that will make you feel bad when you wake up.

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Often, the dreams presented to us by the subconscious are illogical people, things, things, and many times these things have nothing to do with our present life. However, once we feel unhappy in life, the subconscious will extract a relatively light-hearted and pleasant memory for us. If you’ve ever really liked someone, you’ll know that the imprint that person left you is deep in the bone marrow. Every moment you are with him is etched in your heart, and these moments become subconscious dream material.

“Dream about falling in love with someone you know”

5. You miss yourself and the green years when you liked him

As we get older, we become more “mature and stable” under the watchful eye of life. The time of being young and carefree is gone. Dreaming of someone who used to indulge yourself in madness isn’t necessarily how much you really expect and yearn for this person, and more likely you’re missing yourself who was desperate.

After leaving school, everything seemed to be different. Or because of work, or because of family, most people lose the freedom to pursue their dreams. Even if there is already a perfect partner around you who always loves himself, you may still miss the youth of the past, when the fresh clothes were angry and the flame blossomed.

In addition to the five reasons mentioned above, the reasons you can lead the dreamer to appear include: you and the current quarrel remember the happiness he once brought you;

In either case, if you are aware that there is no possibility between you, give yourself time to calm down the mood that has become so chaotic as a result of your dreams, and avoid doing things that you will regret when your mind is hot. On the contrary, if your miss is only because the local objective conditions do not allow, and now everything is ready, then choose a special day and he can be honest with your feelings.

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