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1. Sit cross-legged

Seeing women with their legs crossed is the most impressive thing to think about, especially when wearing a short skirt, and everyone sitting in the seat is looking forward to seeing the moment when their legs are crossed.

Men’s quote: “Girls sitting position is very important, such sitting position is the most elegant, so the sexiest.”

“Be seduced girl—-when does the boy think the girl what action is most alluring”

2. Lick your lips with your tongue

Usually make this action, is directly in teasing the opponent’s time, men see certainly floating.

Man quote: “If a woman does this in front of my face, I feel like she’s inviting me at all.” ”

3. Wear a miniskirt up the stairs

Walking up the stairs with a sister in a miniskirt 妺, believing that all men want to walk slower, never to the end of the stairs, the human instinct for voyeurism will naturally manifest itself.

Man quote: “Upstairs, if there is a sister in a miniskirt in front, in the back will want to bend down to see exactly, if you see pants, really earned.” ”

4. Women adjust their shoulder straps

A woman adjusts her shoulder straps, in a man’s eyes like a wide-brimmed belt in front of his face, naturally expecting your other shoulder straps to slip together, the most likely to arouse a man’s sexual fantasies.

Man quote: “I’ve never seen anyone do this in public, I’ve only seen my mother’s underwear, so I think it’s easy to think about it, ha!”

5. Stand and wear shoes

Standing and wearing shoes on one foot on the ground, naturally standing unstable, crumbling, will let the man want to help.

Men’s quote: “Girls stand and wear shoes, can show beautiful lines.” ”

6. Dial your hair

Swinging hair, exudes charming hair fragrance, as if smelling ecstasy, can let all men’s soul fly away, many women will naturally have this small action, heartless loss caused the man’s heart to bloom, really sorry!

Man quote: “The feeling of tingling hair is natural, elegant, giving people unlimited imagination space.” 

“Be seduced girl—-when does the boy think the girl what action is most alluring”

7. Women stretch out

Women stretch out, lazy feeling like kittens, let people want to hug, and stretch can naturally show the lines of a woman’s body, chest protruding, men die.

Man quote: “Because the lazy body makes people feel very comfortable.”

“Be seduced girl—-when does the boy think the girl what action is most alluring”

8. Eat fruit

Women eat fruit tongue naturally stick out, sexy. Especially when eating cherries, the tip of the tongue gently resists, certainly let people blood. Want to please men, the next time the whole food as slowly as possible into the import, must let the man kneel on the spot.

Man quote: “When eating fruit mouth type is very sexy, will make people want to kiss.” ”

9. Massage the calves

This action everyone will do, in the office female colleagues, if massage calves sexiest, hands constantly stroke the calves, so that men’s blood boiling.

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