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How in the end should the relationship be advanced during the ambiguous period? Ambiguity is love not, love will not come, you are afraid that it will not come, but also afraid of it messing around. Far from saying not close to saying far away, you want to go forward, but afraid of the other side back, you want to take a step back, but found that the other side to you took another step. Ambiguity is a master trick, a classic elegant tango dance, are two people you push me to let and want to refuse to welcome. Notice that it’s two people. Rely on a person to promote the relationship, it is difficult to go to the end, remember, ambiguous is not done more, the better the effect, pay attention to the sense of proportion, do not cross the border, after all, you are not his girlfriend. First, the identity of clear.

“Pursuer distancer relationship—-how to change from ambiguous stage to lover relationship”

1. Don’t exercise your girlfriend’s right often Before the relationship is determined, some boys will report their whereabouts, go out with friends, or three or five friends together, some girls will be bored or miss, from time to time to send messages to boys, ask him where, when to go home and so on, this kind of behaviour for the two people who have not yet determined the relationship is a little too close, encroaching on each other’s personal space. So, until the relationship is clearly defined, there is still some room between the two men for the boys’ private itinerary and private life points.

2. Do less what girlfriends do Some girls are afraid of the other side do not know their own intentions, or to show their own feelings, maybe too much tolerance of the other side, can think of their own good to each other, but the other side is more and more retreating, more and more polite. Can’t give too much at once, let him enjoy the next stage of treatment in advance. Because boys are born hunters, hunting brings a sense of chase as their source of happiness, they enjoy the pursuit of girls and step-by-step conquest brought about by the pleasure. If you give too much at once, it is easy for boys to lose interest, think this girl is better. 

“Pursuer distancer relationship—-how to change from ambiguous stage to lover relationship”

Second, upgrade the relationship must not be easily confessed, especially for girls, confession is the horn of victory, not the attack of the storm. If the other party just happens to be interested in you, it is a happy reunion ending, if the other side is still hesitating, and finally rejected you, then your relationship may not be able to go back to the past. Let everything be naturally watered down. The first step, first try, increase the hint in addition to eating and watching movies, can create some more like the couple’s atmosphere, such as two people go to the amusement park together, go to the haunted house adventure, secret room escape and so on. And from time to time with words to suggest the other side, when he helped you do something, with a sentence “you are very good, I really hope that life can always have such a person with me” to dial his heart, how he crude nerves, will also know that “one person” is him. The second step, reverse testing, to retreat just said that boys are born hunters, often those who can not get, the ablest to mobilize their heartstrings. If you’re a girl who’s always been more obedient, find a chance to politely refuse a date, not answer a phone call, delay a reply, reject him for legitimate reasons, create a sense of crisis, and cause his jealousy. Can be “sorry, just chatting with others,” “too busy at work today,” “recently travel with a few friends” and so on, let him know that your life not only has him, even without him, there is no lack of interest, even no lack of new suitors. Ambiguous time every minute every second is sweet, but also suffering, maybe the next second together, the next second will never see. The ambiguity period is short 45 days, long 3-6 months, do not pull the front line too long, the longer the time, the more difficult it to become a lover. However, there are counterexample cases, I have a female friend who chased her boyfriend for two years, yes, no error, two years, everyone thought it was a fruitless single thought, the result suddenly one day, the boy confessed, the content of the confession is just “we try it together.” But now the boys stick to my friend sticky, go out is the girl’s leg pendant. Feelings of this kind of thing, who can really say it. Love is a two-way rush, may every girl be oncoming he embraces into the arms.

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