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May each other be well in short sentences, suitable for what they say after breaking up.

After the break-up, if irretrievable, rather than immersed in painful memories of every day sad, it is better to completely put down, with generous words would like the other side to be well in the future. Below, the editor-in-chief will share some short sentences wishing each other well. 

“Libra man break up”

May the other side be well in short sentence one,

1, I never think how great I am, nor do I think you are small, I just hope that in this lifetime I wish you all the best.

2, all good, good life, no matter who will replace me in your life, I wish you all the best.

3. I don’t allow you to be happy, but I wish you all the best.

4, some things happened, even if together again I’m afraid you can’t go back to the past, may you all be all right, may you live a safe life.

5, we have no way to decide each other’s ideas, just wish you all right.

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May the other side be well in short sentence two,

6, we just need, quietly like each other, everything is all right, it is very beautiful.

7, know that now you are all right, I feel free.

8, I am not a brave person, those in my life to give me courage, may everything be all right!

9, I once loved the girl, may you all be all right!

10, a lot of familiar things, do not reminisce, gradually forget! When you meet, cherish it! Don’t put your heart on the feelings don’t have to be sad, don’t know how to cherish you people don’t have to stay.

“Libra man break up”

May the other side be well in short sentence three,

11, some people have known each other. Eventually from familiar to strange.

12, feelings are not by a person’s desperate to cherish, but each other to pay with their hearts know how to cherish each other.

13, the outside of the sun is very good, dark and humid bring is always low. Love such warmth, may you be all right now.

14, may you and me at this time, share this quiet calm at this moment… I don’t know when I’ll get together again… Everything’s all right, don’t read it. treasure.

15. Even if you can’t see each other again, I wish you all the best and I wish you happiness every day.

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