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1, don’t have doubt don’t think so much, don’t sigh, yes, is I sent you a text message, we and well, whether the break-up is wrong, or because of misunderstanding, I hope we can still be together!

2, don’t because we are together for a short time, whether we want to separate, don’t say those unhappy words. My friend, as long as happy just leave nothing else, say take care let us remember each other.

“Breakup affirmations”

3, how many times back to meet you, five hundred years wish, I asked how many times to meet you, we love how not easy can not say break up so soon. No matter what life and death let us all together!

4, even if the break-up we also want to be together, even if only once, we also want not to love, even if that can be how. What do you think is the power of just being a good friend? You don’t go we’re going to be together all the time!


5, you take all my love away, said a break-up, I look at your back can not contain my tears, really want to finally hug you, can not say “I love you” you don’t leave me we continue to be together!

The author used to his ex-girlfriend is also a universal way to work hard, even begging, kneeling licking did not save her heart. Later completely after, saw a sister-in-law’s book— love attack control, careful study, according to the method inside to completely change themselves, only to find out how wrong they used to fall in love, now around the sister changed one after another, basically a week can take home 3, 4, night song. Needy brother suggested to learn, online check there are e-books, love attack control, hope to help you, now I can simply rely on chat to take sister, so that sister deeply in love with me.

“Breakup affirmations”

6, people have sorrow and joy, if friends want to separate from you, lovers want to tell you to break up, sure we will be sad, because we have feelings will be sad, because you are in my heart so I will miss you!

7, we stayed together for so long I really miss everything about us. Can you not separate, I also want to continue to protect you, take care of you okay?

8, if you leave me you can be happy then I am willing to break up only for your happiness, but I will always stand in place waiting for you, I hope you can remember the way back?

9, really miss the old-time, miss your sweet smile! Blame yourself at that time do not understand, if there is a chance to go back to the past, I will certainly cherish you care for you!

10, if you give me a chance I certainly will not choose you, because you let me sleep can not eat, every moment to bear the pain of missing. But I also want to choose you because you have touched me a lot.

11, time is changing but I still miss you; even if the world changes; but Bohai Santian I also miss you; the blue sky is telling love I hope this life is not separated!

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