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Libra will never take the initiative to start a new relationship, passive them, even if they feel the love of others straightforward, it will take a period of time to think carefully. Libra man said the meaning of being a friend, look ahead and think more.

“When a guy just wants to be friends after dating—-libra” 

1. Look ahead

Libra’s caution is a reflection of their fear of choice. This constellation is too pessimistic, a little thing, can always be they think will bring serious consequences to themselves. They are most afraid of losing thousands of years of hate, so they simply 踟蹰 hesitate. Want Libra to give you an answer on the spot, he will only use friends and other excuses perfunctory you, and then when this matter has been turned over.

“When a guy just wants to be friends after dating—-libra”

2. Don’t want to take the initiative

In fact, Libra’s easygoingness is mostly lazy. Libra doesn’t really want to think about things that are too cumbersome. The main concern of this constellation is just how to make yourself less responsible. Even if he had meant it, he would have euphemistically refused, knowing that once in a relationship, it would mean the trouble that followed. Why don’t you take a step back and enjoy your hospitality?

Afraid of choice

There is always a Libra without desire, in fact, more greedy than anyone else. Libra’s choice is difficult, in the final analysis, is that they do not know how to give up, do not want to give up. For Libra, whatever it chooses, it means losing some of the beauty it now has. It’s hard for them to see the benefits of making a choice, only their own loss. It’s also their reluctance to step into a relationship.

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