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Instead of guessing what boys are thinking all day to save their feelings, change their mentality first. Some girls are more emotional and tend to lose their minds after breaking up. For girls who want to save love, I give some good mentality advice, boys can also refer to.

“Guys behavior after breakup—-what do guys think after they break up”

1. To save your boyfriend, first, make clear the following (1) choice of redemption means that you are passive in this relationship, once you expose the sense of need, will only become more passive. (2) If the other side has feelings, your every move he will see in the eyes, boys are very bearable, so much calmer than girls, please be patient and so on. (3) Please don’t ask me what he will do if he has a new love. You are not ready for anything, the shortcomings have not been corrected, you have not promoted yourself, even if he does not have a new happy you have the possibility of the compound? If you’re ready, he’ll be attracted to you, whether he’s new or not. (4) Leave a period of time to let him take the initiative to forget your bad, break up do not always think about contacting him, the more pestering him not to let go, the more he is too lazy to talk to you.

2. The necessary attitude towards feelings (1) The basis of feelings should be equal pay between the two sides, long-term excessive pay will let the other side take these for granted, you do not deserve to be cherished. (2) Because you do not understand respect, each other do not have private space, lack of trust, resulting in you can not even make friends, more unlikely to be lovers, do not because feeling insecure and kidnapped you love him. (3) Please do not have any revenge psychology, otherwise, you will not be happy in the end. 3. Self-cultivation and relationship with mentors.

(1) Please hold the “I must change” attitude, first to save themselves, and then to save feelings. (2) Because girls precocious than boys, regardless of personality or personality have long been stereotyped, easy to stubborn, so the opinions and suggestions put forward in this book please try to adopt.

“Guys behavior after breakup—-what do guys think after they break up”

4. Whether there is a connection with the predecessor, the following points need to be noted. (1) Don’t have anything to do to find him, he is not your private property, can not be independent of the girl will only be abandoned, you should have your own life. (2) If he takes the initiative to find you, you must calm down, think clearly why he is looking for you, sometimes he is just lonely, may not really want to be with you, don’t be deceived by sweet words. (3) Boys also need to find spare tires but also play tricks, so in the face of beloved him you must not be humble, to enter and attack, retreat, once found that you are his spare tire, please check whether your words and deeds are to pandering to him. (4) Try not to get clenked with him with any money. (5) Learn to joke flirt, just like boys to girls, but pay attention to grasp the proportion, otherwise, it will appear frivolous (6) you and he is not directly linked, you need to use indirect relationships or circles of friends, QQ talk and so on to show their new look. (7) Make-up, dress up, shape the premise is not to cater to boys, as a girl, become a better person is your compulsory course. (8) Avoid any practice of their own behaviour, break up after not going to the night to play, hangovers, etc., these acts will not only be looked down upon by the other side but also irresponsible behaviour. (9) Targeted participation in certain types of activities: he likes photography, you get to know photographers; Walk into his world and you’ll have the chance to start over. (10) Wan Wan can not make any investigation of privacy behaviour, do not investigate chat records and other information, even if you have not heard the advice has been done before, can not let him know; 5. Developmental object Every girl will have a suitor (even if not now, after transformation will have), so how to deal with your relationship with those suitors during the recovery period?

(1) Don’t see the other person as a tool. Really need boys to help, first look for those who do not have an affair with your friends, really no way, and then find like your friends to help. (2) If it is not necessary, please do not easily put the suitor’s photos in their WeChat circle of friends. Don’t hurt someone who loves you unless you’re sure it really stimulates the boy you’re trying to save. Once there is a misunderstanding, it’s hard to explain, or even lose friends, so keeping your distance is important. (3) If the other person’s condition, character and fit are better than your predecessor you want to save, you might as well give the other party a chance, which is also to give yourself a chance. 6. Love enemy appears, need to pay attention to the matter (1) don’t speculate on the love enemy or the predecessor of any behaviour, you can tell me the situation, I help you analyze, and then you take measures. (2) Don’t let your friends scold your loved enemies.

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