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Everyone is unique in the world, when you and your other, in the accidental collision, will wipe out your most gorgeous fireworks. Your relationship is romantic, trusting, happy, unique, dedicated, mutually supportive, love is always beautiful and unique, in general, different people will have the following six forms of love, see what kind of you belong to?

“Types of love relationships”

The first kind: romantic love, spring breeze intoxication, heartless, your relationship is full of passion and ceremony, beauty and perfection is the label of romantic love because you are touching poetry because you are beautiful scenery because you are willing to wait and accompany, sunset kiss and you, table food and you, my life and you.


Second: good friend love, a sense of involvement, mutual understanding, respect, mutual dependence, is a lover, like relatives, stable relationship, less love passion, but more good friend-style trust and intimacy, can be said to be a speechless, free and enviable relationship between the sexes.

Third: game-style love, happy enjoyment is the cornerstone of your relationship, at this moment and you play, is love, commitment and the future, are pure because of passion, no responsibility and responsibility of the expectation, such love is like the relationship between children and favourite toys as pure and insecure, the next favourite appears, in an instant, enthusiasm will be all transferred.

“Types of love relationships”

The fourth kind: possessive love, hope and the other side into one, can not tolerate being snubbed, longing for each other’s hearts are their own because you love only him, your heart is only him, full of love to pay when there is full of return, this is what you have always believed in love.

The fifth kind: altruistic love, because you love him, you do not return to love, to give, and may even indulge in the joy of self-sacrifice, to him, to meet his needs, but I do not know, give each other too much unequal love is also to give him pressure and burden, dedication needs to be moderate, grasp the emotional value of love can be.

The sixth kind: practical love, the confirmation of your relationship, based on a certain degree of social practicality, is a more mature relationship between the sexes, in addition to each other’s attachment as the basis, but also consider each other’s altruistic conditions, there will be rhythm, conditions to enhance the degree of intimacy of the relationship, such love into marriage, generally will be very stable.

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