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First ask everyone a question, a man he loves you will take the initiative to contact you? Doesn’t he take the initiative to find you because he doesn’t love you? not necessarily.

Every man has his own habits, some men like his girlfriend bird to people, weak, everything depends on him, which will make him feel his importance, but there are also some men they want girlfriends are independent, they have their own work, their own social circle, can walk with him side by side.

“The male mind during no contact”

So, not all men will like that kind of sticky girl, not all men will often take the initiative to contact you, but not do take the initiative to contact you do not love you, but his way of love more mature.

Of course, many girls will be curious as, why the boyfriend clearly loves her but will not actively contact her, so that she is very insecure. In this question, we interviewed hundreds of men and carefully analyzed and studied the results, and finally found the following three reasons. 

1. He himself prefers mature, independent women

Romantic, sweet-talking boys may be more favoured by women, but such love itself is not mature enough. True mature love is not expressed in words but is proved by action.

Love you but will not take the initiative to contact you, which shows that he really wants to continue this relationship for a long time, so he will not intend to maintain, but also hope that you can love him in such a mature way.

Such love may be less passionate, but the warmth of the long stream of fine water is more stable.

“The male mind during no contact”

2, he loves you, but he has no confidence in himself

Another possible reason why a man loves you but doesn’t reach out to you is that he isn’t confident enough about himself. He may feel that contacting you too often exposes his excessive emotional needs and makes you bored.

Such a man in the feelings may lack a little initiative, but at least he is sincere enough about this relationship, because too much care, will suffer gains and losses.

3, he is really very busy

Do many girls think they won’t even have time to make a phone call when they’re busy? Busy is just a reason not to ignore her, in fact, this perception is one-sided.

“The male mind during no contact”

No matter how busy, the time to make a phone call is there, but emotional communication is a sentence or two can solve? He has time to make phone calls, but he may not be able to communicate with you more emotionally, so the call itself is meaningless. What’s more, if you make a phone call and say two words to hang up, girls will think that there is no time to say two more words?

So sometimes love you but don’t take the initiative to contact you, it is because he is really very busy.

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