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Some people say: it is easy for men to like a woman, but not to love a woman deeply. This shows the attitude of men towards women and love, because of this, many women have no sense of security.

Think that men are mostly visual animals or the impulse of a moment in love with themselves. Maybe this love is just a moment of freshness, not true love.

“The male mind during no contact—-most of the men who love you deeply but don’t take the initiative to contact you have this mentality”

People often say that people who love you can’t see you every day, they can’t help contacting you. People who don’t love you won’t be proactive in contacting you.

So when men don’t send messages to women and don’t actively contact women, women think that men may not love themselves.

In fact, in many cases, men should be more rational about their feelings. They may love women deeply, but they will not contact women actively. Sometimes some men are also very thoughtful, so they deliberately do not contact women, let women actively contact themselves, make women think hard and make them more attractive.

play hard to get

My cousin and her boyfriend together, together with love for eight years, two people from ignorant children to can experience a storm of adults.

In eight years, they have gone through different places and have experienced separation and integration, but they are still at the beginning. 

Sometimes my brother-in-law doesn’t contact her for a long time. She thinks that this man may not love himself. In fact, he still loves her very much, but why doesn’t he send messages to her sometimes? Will not give my sister the initiative to call?

“Sometimes a man needs to play hard to get, and a woman sometimes needs to teach. He loves my sister deeply.”

But he felt that his love made my sister have no status, sometimes he gave my sister a little bit of Mawei, so for a long time, he didn’t actively contact my sister.

Because my sister must know that brother-in-law also needs people to be considerate and concerned because sometimes you send information to a person. If you always take the initiative, the other party may feel irrelevant.

“The male mind during no contact—-most of the men who love you deeply but don’t take the initiative to contact you have this mentality”

Suddenly one day, or sometimes, when they become inactive, the other party will think of your good. It’s also a way men are used to.

From the case of brother-in-law and sister, it can be seen that men sometimes do not contact you actively, not do not love you. He loves you so much, but he wants to play hard to get, and sometimes men play games like a child with you.

I’m afraid to disturb you

My mother and my father have a very good relationship. My father also loves my mother. But my father will not send my mother information for a long time because he knows my mother is busy.

Sometimes my mother answers a message that will disrupt her work rhythm, he knows that frequent information will bring my mother trouble, so he seldom actively contact my mother. Instead, when my mother is free, she will call him. It’s not that he doesn’t love my mother, but it’s love that makes him thoughtful.

He knows that he should give some space to the beloved, he should understand the person he loves, she is working, she does not give him trouble, so that disturb her to, caused the impact.

Sometimes, love is selfless, love a person wants to contact him, but if he has something. Your initiative will affect him. You don’t contact her, it is also tolerance and a concession. A kind of gas that hides this deep love in the heart in order not to disturb others.

No confidence

I have seen two lovers like this in love defence war. Both people are deeply in love. The boy indeed loves the girl deeply, but for many years, he has not actively sent the information or called the girl.

When the judges asked why the boy was not active, the boy said, because he was not confident. Every time he takes the initiative, he feels humble and thinks that the girl may despise him. He thinks girls are all good, he can’t compare with others.

“The male mind during no contact—-most of the men who love you deeply but don’t take the initiative to contact you have this mentality”

Because of this kind of self-confidence, he dare not to send messages to the girl.

To express love, I must not have been on the show, at last, let the teachers give them some help.

On the stage, the girl said that since you love me so much, why don’t you contact me? Can I ask a girl to contact you every day? You don’t take the initiative, I dare not take the initiative, because you don’t take the initiative, I think you don’t love me.

Because the boys are not active, almost miss a good girl, almost miss a marriage.

Through this case, it can be shown that sometimes boys who do not actively contact girls are also not confident. When a boy loves a girl deeply, I think this woman is all right. He can’t compare himself to anything. When a person loves his bones, he is humble and he is also very humble.

One word is that when you love a person deeply, you want to be with him all the time. This is a word that everyone knows, so many girls will think you haven’t seen me for so long. Why not contact me? It’s because you don’t love me enough.

In fact, sometimes men also have their own pains, but also have their own ideas. He doesn’t contact you on his own initiative, which doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, maybe there is other psychology.

As a girl, it is more emotional in the feelings, but many times, we should consider the feelings of the other party and make rational judgments.

Such feelings will last long. Many people are separated because of misunderstanding. Many people don’t understand the other side’s random guess and let the feelings end. A good love needs to be managed together.

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