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Many girls in the people they like, will want to know whether the other side is also good feelings for themselves, two people have no opportunity to develop.

In fact, in the feelings, want to know whether a boy likes you, can be seen from his interaction with you.

“Signs that a man is pursuing you”

If a boy has these beacons for you, he probably likes you.

1 He will test whether you are single or not

When a boy has a fondness for or likes a girl, first he will try to see if you are single.

He might pretend to ask:

“What do you usually do on weekends?” Did you go alone? ”

“You’re so beautiful, you must be chased by a lot of people, right?”

“Are you talking to me, not afraid of your boyfriend being jealous?”


These simple words may seem like greeting you or chatting among friends, but he’s already testing whether you’re single or not and then deciding whether to go on the offensive against you.

2 He will try to create opportunities to chat with you

Two people chat most afraid of the air suddenly quiet, you do not know how to answer, he does not know how to open the next topic.

If it’s just a regular friend, maybe the conversation is over here, but boys who like you will find a way to keep the conversation going.

Because he doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to talk to you, he wants to know more about you in the chat, he wants you to impress him a little more.

After all, boys chase girls, the most commonly used way is to chat, only two people chat, to get along further.

When you chat with him, you never have to worry about embarrassment, because he will give you one topic after another that you are both interested in and active in.

Sometimes, you will find that he sent you a lot of messages, on the road to see the firewood dog, what lunch to eat, work encountered funny passages and so on, not he did not speak, he just wants to say to you.

He wants you to be involved in your life, and he wants to walk into your world.

“Signs that a man is pursuing you”

3 When talking about his predecessor, he doesn’t say much

Boys who like you tend to talk about their exes, and they deliberately want to skip the topic of their predecessors, or they don’t want to talk about them in front of you.

When you ask your ex, he says it’s nothing special, it’s over anyway.

This sentence shows you two possibilities:

First, it is possible that he and his predecessor at the end of the time, not so happy;

If you’re a boy who doesn’t like you, when it comes to talking about his ex, he doesn’t mind sharing his ex with you and saying a lot about it in front of you.

4 He can’t help but be jealous

Speaking of jealousy, not only girls but boys will also ah.

Especially the boys who really like you will be jealous of you.

See you and other boys talk very happy, he will not be happy will have small emotions; you accompany the sister shopping snubbed him, he will be lost will fight for favours; said want to go home to accompany their own cat, he will ask “what about me?” ”。

He takes your every move very seriously, he doesn’t want to miss any details about you, he has nothing to argue about you.

“Signs that a man is pursuing you”

I think such a boy, really care about you, like you.

Everyone is selfish, especially in the face of love, more serious, their favourite people will never allow others to say what is not good, but also care whether they are put first.

Jealousy is a silent confession, but also the most lovely expression.

He’ll look at you with his favourite glasses

As the saying goes, the lover’s eyes are out of His eyes.

If a person likes you, he will look at you with his preferred filter. No matter what you do at this time, even if it is unusual, in his eyes, is particularly beautiful.

You changed your hair and your roommate said it wasn’t nice, but he felt more beautiful;

You like to eat snacks, and is a shopaholic, which in his eyes, not only is not a bad thing but is a manifestation of personality;

You love to cry, sometimes unreasonable, this is the most unacceptable people around, but only he completely embraces this, and always says: “I just like noisy girls ah.” 

As a person, that kind of feeling of preference, that is, even if the world people feel is a weakness, but in his case, are the best side.

Cai Kangyong wrote this in “Love Text Messages to Unknown Lovers”:

“Good people are not so hard to meet. It’s hard to meet someone who’s beautiful and loves us. ”

We will meet a lot of beautiful and kind people in our lives, they will be good to us, but not necessarily out of love.

When he starts to really get to know you, wait for him to offer to date you, wait for him to say he likes you, and then seriously like him.

Don’t worry, don’t put your feelings into the heartless.

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