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1. Which behaviours seem to like you, but actually are appearances

In public, if a boy’s eyes stay with you all the time, sometimes it doesn’t mean he likes you, it’s just because you have a new hairstyle / wear a dress that shows your figure that day.

Similarly, when you look back at him, his avoidance doesn’t mean that he is guilty. In more cases, he just doesn’t want you to misunderstand him.

If a boy often has nothing to talk with you about, it is not necessarily that he has much love for you.

“Signs that a man is pursuing you—-what is a boy’s state to show that he has fallen in love with you”

It is possible that he is lonely and sends messages to many girls, and you are the only one willing to reply to him.

Similarly, if a boy is suddenly courting you without warning, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is so-called “love at first sight”.

It’s more likely that his hormones are soaring, and you’re in his sight at this time.

If a boy can have a good chat with you, “always know what I want”, it doesn’t mean that he likes you much, it only means that he has rich experience in love.

In these cases, if the girls just because the boys “show their attention”, “show their closeness” and “willing to pay for themselves” mistakenly think that the other side is sincere to themselves so that they blindly submit, the final result is often the entrusted non-human.

For your illusion, come and go quickly.

In the end, he left himself alone to clean up his true feelings.

So, whether or not there are these superficial “closeness” signals, the following are what you should really pay attention to:

“Signs that a man is pursuing you—-what is a boy’s state to show that he has fallen in love with you”

2. These performances show that the boys like you

The so-called “liking” means that your image/behaviour/ability attracts him.

This kind of attraction lingers on the edge of friendship and love, or it can be called the initial stage of “like you”.

Specifically, he will be interested in everything about you (attention, not just your appearance/clothes/behaviour). In contact with you, he will inquire about your hobbies, living conditions and growth experiences consciously or unconsciously.

You know, men are the least fussy creatures in the world. They just buy things and rarely like to “go shopping in the supermarket”;

They look at the ball is to look at the ball, rarely pay attention to the stadium those multifarious advertising.

Therefore, if a boy starts to be interested in your private life, if he is not a writer/journalist / a few Jipo boys, it basically shows that he has a good feeling for you.

In addition, boys who have a good feeling for you will consciously or unconsciously show themselves better in front of you.

Everyone thinks that he is slovenly, but he only cares about whether his clothes are clean and his hair is neat in front of you;

He seldom cleans up his desk/room. When he hears that you are coming, he starts to pay attention immediately;

When he makes a fool of himself in public, you are the first to see him.

Excluding the fact that you are his boss, it can be concluded that he is trying to make a good impression on his favourite person.

Finally, in the eyes of a boy who likes you, your advantages are magnified and your disadvantages are covered.

Whatever you say sounds natural to him. Some things you think are too much to others are taken for granted.

In short, you have become a privileged class in his world.

When you encounter these situations, it shows that the boy has more favourable feelings for you than his ordinary friends.

You can choose to give feedback, observe again, keep a distance in time, or continue to enjoy the privilege of being liked.

But I don’t suggest you choose the last one, not just to avoid hurting each other, but also for yourself.

You used to have the opportunity to pay attention to better boys, but now you waste your time and energy on a boy who doesn’t like you, and the result is to harm others and yourself.

“Signs that a man is pursuing you—-what is a boy’s state to show that he has fallen in love with you”

These performances show that boys really want to be with you

How to judge whether a boy really wants to be with him or not when he or she has shown appropriate feedback to the boy and they are in the stage of the quasi couple?

Willing to accompany you to do boring things

Man is a kind of animal with a strong purpose, especially for those prodigal sons who just want to soak you and don’t want to be responsible, they don’t like to waste time with you.

Therefore, if a boy is willing to pay for you, it can only prove that he is sincere in chasing you (not necessarily after chasing you);

But if a boy is willing to accompany you for a long time to do some boring things (shopping, watching gossip shows, sitting in a daze), it shows that he really cares about being with you, not what to do together.

More about your attitude than your behaviour

Don’t believe it, men sometimes care more about their partner’s attitude than women.

“You give me a dream, I dare to go forward”

“As long as you look positive, love is meaningful.”.

On the contrary, when he is really injured, if your attitude is not caring, but only calmly dealing with the aftermath, no matter how well you do, he will feel that you are “not feminine”.


Most men’s possessiveness to their spouses is harsh, but because of different personal habits and cultivation, the performance of this possessiveness is not the same.

Don’t believe “I don’t mind if you have a girlfriend”. The boy who says that either just plays with you (he doesn’t intend to go down with you at all), or has a lot of spare tires, so he doesn’t care about you.

4. What behaviours show that boys really fall in love with you

Most straight men are afraid of direct expression, they are good to you is good to you, not so much fanciful.

Therefore, the deeper the boy’s feelings for you, the easier it is to judge.

Don’t look at anything else, just look at their actions.

More and more unprepared for you: your identity is no longer “you”, you are the other half of “us” in his eyes.

Offer to take you to meet your parents and friends: if you are not eager to get married, you are eager to integrate into your family and life.

Planning for the future will always bring you: do you still need to ask? He can’t live without you.

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