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Chasing boys can not be rushed, this is a big taboo. Unless you look good and nice, you can see a face straight up.

If a boy is not good for you, too anxious will only make the boy have a rejection of you.

How can boys be interested in you?

1. shape

Appearance in this boy’s eyes passes the pass to start the following things, this is a threshold…

But it’s not that you look good-looking, and beautiful girls are a few after all. Generally, boys’ requirements will not be so high.

Boys have a standard line in their hearts, and above this standard is OK. I personally think it’s just a little bit more moderate~

So go and dress up a little more beautiful (don’t split the fork.. You need to live in the hold and fit your temperament.)

Know him. What does he like, NBA? comic? To find a cut-off entrance, then use it to chat.

You don’t need to know that thing is deep, but to understand, you need to know how to ask questions in the chat, and he will be happier to agree with him.

“How to be more attractive to men”

2. curiosity

Curiosity is a must-have for attraction. One person is curious about you to approach you.

You must let the boys have the initiative to approach your consciousness, otherwise, it is easy to hot face cold butt, tired and passive.

How can he be curious?

Have you seen “heart beating”? The little girl in it is a very good example.

First, disconnect from each other actively, and do not keep this disturbing to the other party, otherwise, he will be more exclusive to you. When you suddenly stop having any contact with him, he will be a little curious.

Then what you have to do is try to improve yourself. Before the change, the other party’s inherent views on you, spend more time on his own body and upgrade all the time from outside to inside. Your change will definitely surprise him, and then you will be curious and want to know you again.

You need to create opportunities and attract him far away. For example:

You need to be present in front of him (let him see you) from time to time to stay there. For example:

You can walk gracefully by him and hand it to the people next to him.

You can sing a good song in group activities.

You can also wear a beautiful pleated skirt and the people around him to gently laugh, walk with his eyes have a look, give him a sweet smile.

You can show your life (to look rich and interesting) in chat and friends circle, and constantly arouse curiosity and ferment each other.

“How to be more attractive to men”

3. cultivate good feelings

Try to talk to him. Talk about what you did before – what he was interested in, mainly let him say, you are responsible for asking, agreeing, properly speaking the views you learned before, then he gives his opinions, you agree with, ask questions, relax your mind, and talk like ordinary friends.

Find opportunities to contact him and show yourself interesting, or lovely, and attractive. For example you let him help you install the system, you can lie on the side quietly, he asked you what you are doing, you sweet said: “look at the God“

Secretly pay attention to him. When he is lost, you go out to drink, joke and amuse him and encourage him. It will make him feel more like you when he is vulnerable.

When he is busy, you must not bother him. You should inquire about his news. When he needs help, you should come out and help him. It is better to help him silently, but it is better to tell him. Boys will be moved by this detail.

In his awkward moments, joking naturally solves the embarrassment for him.

You should learn to show your gentle side, such as seeing cockroaches, you can not shout but shrink into a small group on one side. He asked you what happened. You said soft and sticky: you see, there are cockroaches.

4. collusion

When he wants to talk to you, go out with you to eat and help you, you can start trying to make some changes to make your relationship further.

Hook him up at the right time, whether you are in physical contact or verbal flirtation.

For example: when eating, you chuckle and cover your mouth and say there is something on your face (actually nothing). He wiped it, you shook your head, he wiped it again. You still shook your head with a smile, then gently wiped it with your hand, and smiled lovingly: “yes~“

Or you said to him, “well, your clothes seem to be a little bit wrong today“ He asked you what happened. You smile and smile, help him sort out, and say, “look, is this a little better looking ~”

“How to be more attractive to men”

Please feel sweet and better.

Whether you are physically exposed to demonstrate speech flirting, pay attention to the reaction after him. If he is a little shy, you will go the right way. If you avoid embarrassment, it means that you don’t have enough kindness. 

5. stimulate his desire to protect

Brain mend a scene, ah you chat about the break-up before, you said and cried. He handed you the paper. You smiled and said, “why am I crying? It was a long time ago. In fact, I also have my own mistakes, I may not be too sensible. ” After crying, you lower your head and tell him: “I’m not really good at getting along with others, but I really make you a good friend ~ I will tell you about this. You don’t want to tell others (this is not recommended for you to act. The real feeling is the most touching thing to play)

You want him to feel like a good girl and a good girl to protect

6. to be captured

When doing this step, it is better that you have a little ambiguity between you, such as you will chat every day, say good night to each other.

At this time, he will be very uncomfortable when he is properly cold for a while as if he had less.

The cold here means that you still speak to him gently, but you don’t want to contact him actively or the frequency of contact is obviously reduced, which makes him strange and anxious.

You still send your own dynamic around your friends (go here today, play there tomorrow, take photos with other friends), or if you are prone to misunderstanding, such as sending a picture with a rose in your arms, he will come and ask you, “who sent you the flowers?” Then you take the opportunity to play him. Leave after the play, give him time to savour.

This step depends on his reaction, and his behaviour depends on whether he has any anxious meaning. If yes, he realizes your importance, he can add another fire, such as finding a contradiction point, quarrelling with him, and letting him coax you. Then you can also say to him, “then introduce me to a boyfriend, and I’m not angry with you. I want to be in love now“

Mm-hmm… You have all pushed this share. According to the above operation, he should have made a statement if he likes you.

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