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The attraction itself does not have the magic effect of letting the other party fall in love with you, but attraction is the foundation of all falling in love.

Based on gender differences, I personally don’t recommend girls to fight like a bloody soldier in the love field, but rather tend to lead the other party to actively interest you by spreading their charm, so that when both sides have an ambiguous tendency, they can be combined immediately.

“How to be more attractive to men—-how to attract the boys you like”

So, what are the main ways to reflect this attraction?

For the research of intimate relationships, there is a data study to show the attraction of girls that boys value more. We may as well analyze:

As shown in the figure, the proportion of women’s appearance in male spouse selection criteria is still large:

1) Appearance – how to maximize your strengths in dating?

1. attractive appearance: a light makeup that will make up the body

Dating sites and mobile phone app Zoosk has analyzed the image of 1200 women to investigate what features men prefer.

Men are more likely to send private letters to women who “put on eye makeup” to ask for information, and women who have lipstick are also 119 percent more likely to be praised than plain lips, the study found. Meanwhile, 1800 male users on Zoosk show that men are less able to get the beauty of heavy or “dark” makeup.

Therefore, when meeting each other, it is better to abandon the “aunt colour” and “Queen colour” with full appearance. This colour is not suitable for all girls, and boys prefer light makeup.

Take it as good as you can, and do twice as much as you can!

Two points should be noted:

The boys prefer light makeup, not the makeup.

Many girls feel that they are not suitable for makeup, most of them because you can’t make up, not inappropriate.

“How to be more attractive to men—-how to attract the boys you like”

2. pay attention to dress – bright colours, especially red

Psychologists at the University of Rochester did an experiment in which two identical women’s photos were turned in different colours, one red and the other dark.

The participants were all men. Women in red are more exciting than women in dark clothes – even though they are the same person, they say.

All, for young women, I prefer to dress up to choose some colourful clothes as much as possible, which can cause more good feelings for boys, and dare to wear some bright colours are often positive and confident. 

3. stimulate the desire to protect — use “doll sound” appropriately

Like animal cells, human voice emotions convey body shape information to listeners. So when men hear the voice of women, they will also associate with their delicate figure and pitiful appearance.

In this way, men tend to think that the tone of a woman with high tones is more likely to make people more protective.

Therefore, it is advisable to talk to him appropriately “gentle” a little, the effect of calling the doll voice is also visible to the naked eye!

“How to be more attractive to men—-how to attract the boys you like”

4. attractive figure – keep fit

Research shows that men love girls in better shape. The reason why they study biological chemistry is that girls with good bodies, such as those with good waist to hip ratio, often represent higher estrogen and progesterone, and are more likely to get pregnant.

So it’s a man’s nature to love a woman with a good figure.

So, if you want to win more love from boys, remember to exercise more, make your leg lines look better, have a better waist to hip ratio, and so on.

2) Psychology skills – good mentality plus appropriate skills to let him express to you

1. Building fair cognition

Never think that you are the one who takes the initiative to attack, you have the obligation to bear all the damage caused by the other party to you.

To attack actively in love is not to lick a dog.

When you unilaterally declare yourself a lower position party from the beginning and feel that only by relying on the “flattering” and other wide-ranging relationships can you move each other, it is almost certain that the other party will not be attracted by you.

Don’t take what is called “male god” or “secret love object” too seriously. The interaction between the two sides is the premise that each other is attracted by you.

2. the shortcut to a closer relationship is to understand the three views of the other party

One saying: the so-called “three views are positive” standard is whether the person’s three views match their own.

When you understand the three views of each other, you actually master the winning Scripture of “getting together” with each other.

The two people’s views are in line with each other, and the other will naturally have a “confidant feeling” to you. And one of the criteria for boys to choose a mate is “to talk, without having to understand more.”

3. grasp the initiative level, and do not go extreme

Girls are easy to go to two extremes in the process of intercourse with the opposite sex:

Either reserve is almost silent, treat each other’s initiative “to capture, fear a little response to the other side to see flat themselves; So they don’t even have the opportunity to know. How can you attract others?

Or positioning oneself on the side of the attacker, silk does not care about-face, broken pot, broken, and beaten. Completely reduced to licking dogs, keen to give, the other side despised.

These two ways, in addition to reducing the curiosity of the other party to your exploration, are not helpful to the progress of the relationship.

4. Learn communication skills – focus on emotion

Communication is not to reason with each other. Many girls do not know the knowledge of communication. They are willing to argue with each other when they meet problems, and even want to persuade each other through reasoning with men.

This is wrong because emotion is before logic, and the mood and emotion of both sides are much more important than the content of the communication.

Psychological research holds that the process of human communication is a process of interaction between the two sides, which includes the object of communication and the situation of communication. If we can enter into the emotional state of the other party in the process of communication, and we can share the same joy and sorrow with him, then we will establish a situation that resonates with each other and win the warm response of the other party. Psychology thinks this phenomenon is a good use of the principle of “situation identity”.

A simple example helps you understand that when a man has the opportunity to reveal his or her heart in front of you, you should grasp the emotional points of the other party and make him feel that you understand him and feel the same experience.

Man: “I’m so sad these days. I haven’t eaten any meals. Because my best family member died

If you say, it will be better and not sad. I will invite you to dinner tomorrow… Then he won’t feel understood.

At this point, you should capture relevant information, find common points, and then express your feelings. Woman: I remember when my grandmother died, I stood by my grandmother’s body, looking at her motionless. I didn’t cry. I didn’t know why I couldn’t cry at all. After two years later, my grandfather died. I cried for more than three hours lying in front of his grave

Do you understand? Men always look for a woman who knows them. Do you know what to do?

4. let him know your appreciation, but not sure you like him

Psychology studies make it easier for us to be more favourable to those who like us. But if the feeling is excessive, it may backfire and lose interest. So as a girl, we should grasp this degree.

This is a psychological provocation: keep guessing about whether you like him or not, But you can’t get the right answer in your mouth. This process will, instead, deepen his interest in you.

There is a psychological effect here – the love compensation effect, which means that people are more interested in those who appreciate themselves.

But life experience also shows that interest in you can be at risk of falling when the other party completely eats you like him.

So the safest and most effective way is to balance an intermediate value.

5. the right “weakness” is the eternal kill skill. Women should learn to overcome the rigid with softness

It is not to say that you can be shameless, and you will be suffering from tears and nose.

But in the process of their relationship, through some life details, life experience, etc., it seems that they naturally reveal the soft side of women, which arouses his pity and protection. His heart will not be difficult to be captured by you.

When quarrelling, and the male fight is a relatively hard bar, far better than learn to shut up even a few tears, and show their grievance to the effectiveness.

6. intentional and unintentional contact

Physical contact will enhance the other party’s affection for themselves, and give the other party certain availability so that the other party will generate more spiritual Investment: does she like me, am I allowed to take her?

I have seen a point that the key to let boys express their initiative is to wander between “get you” and “can’t get you”.

The less frequent contact between the two sides is also because it makes the other party think about it, but not too straightforward.

So the other side can not resist, eager to open the sunroof to say bright words, at this time, his statement is not far away.

7. be confident and principled women

In the consultation, it was found that many female friends were actually excellent. Many passive feelings were due to their own self-confidence and lack of principles, fear of anger, fear of the other party leaving, and repeatedly compromise, leading to their cowardice and cowardice in this relationship. Finally, such a relationship will not last long, only make boys dislike you more and more.

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