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Many lovers often because of the topic of the former quarrel, a relationship, the former topic seems to be a minefield, then, in the end, should not talk to the current predecessor?

“Talking about your ex in a new relationship”

The answer must be to talk, because the predecessor is part of what makes you who you are, and to talk to the current, as long as the right way, will not hurt the feelings and make your feelings more stable. So if you want a long and happy love, be sure to talk about your ex.

So how do you talk to your current predecessor so you don’t hurt your feelings now?

1. Avoid the recurrence of problems with previous ones

If love is impulse, then get along is run-in, most of the people who love each other, many because of the last can not get along and separate, the collision of two people bumped out maybe sparks, may also be contradictory.

And the incumbent chats their own emotional history, sum up the experience, learn lessons, in the process, first put the question to ask, so that in and the current, each other will have at least a bottom in mind, know where the other’s bottom line is.

“Talking about your ex in a new relationship”

For example, you can’t forgive cheating, he can’t accept people who say nothing, you like to be comforted when you’re sad, not reason, etc.

When each other know each other’s bottom line in advance, perhaps the latter two people get along, will deliberately avoid similar problems, will not be so bumpy. 

2, chat with the predecessor must be face-to-face chat

When talking about your predecessor, be sure to pay attention to the environment and timing, even if WeChat has videos and phones.

But when talking about emotional issues, be sure to face-to-face chat, it is best to have some physical contact, such as two people lying, hugging each other or sitting hand in hand and so on.

Because people’s tone and demeanour can easily map the inner thoughts, and on the line, not only will you not feel the other person’s psychological fluctuations, but also distance will leave a huge space for each other to imagine. You don’t know what’s on the other person’s face, you don’t know what the other person is subconsciously doing.

“Talking about your ex in a new relationship”


Talk about the former although it is good for feelings, there is a premise, that is, psychological acceptance must be high, if you are a particularly sensitive person, it is best not to be curious.

Because sensitivity can make you add too many ingredients to a particularly common thing, it can affect your feelings.

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