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Part 1

Talk to the current about your predecessor, and everyone has done it.

Some are voluntary, while others are forced.

“I don’t mind your past and your predecessors, I just want to know you, I want to be with you all the time, so as not to create the same contradictions as in the past.”

“Talking about your ex in a new relationship—-don’t talk to the present”

I can go to yours! Can you have a snack?

If you really shake yourself and your predecessor’s past out of the truth, the other side pretends not to care, but the heart will silently begin to compare.

The overturned vinegar jar will slowly seep into your life, even if your predecessor is a thing of the past or even dead.

But once there is a quarrel between you, the predecessor will be moved out, in the other person’s subconscious, will treat the predecessor as an imaginary enemy.

Topics about your ex, such as why you’re with each other and why you break up, such as how well they treat you and why they talk about it.

Happy, unhappy have nothing to do with each other.

In the future, each will fall in love with others, why should the original two people fall dusty past, and then come out with the length of people.

“I’ve been involved in your past, so why now, do you have to get along with your incumbent?”

Part 2

I really mind about feelings, and the other half tells us about each other.

Love is not a shock, but a relatively exclusive one.

Even if you know that you may not get results, but everyone understands that encountering is not easy, a miss will be a pity.

We like to chat with friends about the other half, a mention of each other, eyes are full of laughter to overflow.

But also always in the quarrel when looking for friends to confide, and even send a circle of friends scolding.

Two people together, even if there is no more unbearable, it is two people’s business.

When we really leave quietly, so we know very well that the circle of friends is just to let someone see, want the other person to respond, or bow down to take the initiative to find you.

Regardless of the other half’s feelings and face public accusations, afraid that others do not know? 

The heart repressed want to send some text to vent, but sent out a momentary cool, after the crematorium.

A circle of friends does not mean that the people in the communication are friends, word of mouth to pass on a person, will not completely let you know a person.

It’s like not everyone knows what it’s like to be behind a circle of friends.

This will not solve the problem, people who really care about you will come to you, and others will only act as a play.

Feelings are two people’s business, really don’t have to let everyone know everything.

Part 3

A lot of things we like to share with our friends and lovers.

For example, today saw a funny paragraph, such as today encountered something bad.

We show our hearts unreservedly in front of others, but never think that the negative dark side will be seen through.

I still remember when I received a phone call from Ao, I rushed to the hospital to see a broken mouth in my brain, wiping the blood left from the hairline to his cheeks.

Scented next to, wearing messy hair and just cried tears, my heart is tight.

“Talking about your ex in a new relationship—-don’t talk to the present”

Ao is my junior high school to play big brother, Shen Xiang is he talked about half a year girlfriend.

I pulled the incense aside to comfort her and ask why.

Shen Xiang kept telling me about the bad behaviour that Ao had done to her and the idea of strangling him.

I overheard a deep resentment in the bottom of her eye, and hurriedly disguised the fear of being seen through her heart.

It hurts and makes people feel hidden.

I have also been so regardless of the image, in front of friends or the other half of the crying, trying to scold the people who hurt me.

I suddenly realized that the other side is also looking at me with incredible eyes.

Belong to yourself and the story, do not easily share, because let the other side see their ugliest side.

I’d love to get into my head and see how many dark sides I have.

When you tell others at a glance, but never think that possible today’s friends become tomorrow’s enemies.

The breathing space of modern society is convergence and retention.

Your mania, sorrow, loneliness, dislocation, just show yourself.

Part 4

Above, to the predecessor, to the present, to yourself.

Some people say that there are very few moments between people that need each other very much, and most of the time we can get through it ourselves.

“Talking about your ex in a new relationship—-don’t talk to the present”

Some things swallowed into the stomach.

Some people, stay in the past.

If so, throw it into the sea and don’t tell the wind, because it will pass through the whole forest.

Don’t unmask yourself, maybe you can find different answers.

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