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Can the body and heart of a man really be separated?

The worst part of a man is that sometimes sex and love can be separated.

But it’s not possible to summarize all men.

Someone asked on the microblog: what do you think about dating guns?

A netizen said: dare not, afraid of getting sick.

B netizen said: do not support not oppose, people should have a little hobby.

“Sex friends” 

C netizen said: about the gun is only sexual impulse and no love behaviour, I can not accept personally if it is just to fill loneliness with sexual desire, then I will despise my soul.

F netizen said: the gun is a matter of mutual love. Why think it so unbearable and evil

what about you? What’s your opinion?

There are really many relationships around us that start in bed. But after the physical enjoyment, where will this relationship go?


It’s just a fireman

“Gun friend, if you are tired of playing, you will change it!”

I thought love was precious from the beginning, so I didn’t mention feelings, just about guns.

For cannon friends, as long as the body is hot enough, the face value is enough points, I basically come from different.

Go out with friends wherever I go, I always bring a girl back in the middle of the night, and it will not be heavy.

It may be the reason why I am generous, or it may be my sexy humour. It is more likely that I am too handsome and gentle and considerate, and I get along with each other very happily!

They also know: we are only cannons, just to walk the kidney, do not need to move!

All the moving, I will definitely leave decisively, without hesitation, and go away without returning my head.

“Sex friends”

Cannon friend, originally is tired to change, this is you love me at the beginning, to the end to leave, I do not hurry to leave when.

Although every time we make an appointment, I look at all kinds of beautiful women lying in their crotch. The feeling of conquest is born suddenly, and I feel like I have a sense of achievement.

However, after the climax, only the hopelessness, and a deep sense of emptiness.

But I am still obsessed with this kind of game, can not own it. Maybe only in this way can I feel alive.



“To be distracted is the biggest insult to the engagement gun!”

When I was dressed to leave, she held me tightly from behind.

I asked her: what’s wrong?

She was wondering, where are you going?

I didn’t return to my head, and continued to put on the belt and joked, “what? I also want you to have a soy sauce and spread it?

Suddenly there was a stillness in the room, and then the sobbing was heard. I turned to see her, has cried into a tear, I have some confusion, holding her, asked her to cry what?

“Don’t you mean you like me alone, don’t you mean we’re happy? Why are you cheating me? ” She cried even worse.

I patted her, “I thought you know, it was adults who came out to play. I didn’t take it seriously. If you misunderstood me, I apologize to you.”


I’m sorry. I left

This woman is crazy! It’s unreasonable.

Two days later, the girl sent me a WeChat:

“I am a fool, I cheated me into bed, I thought you really love me, you may also meet different women, but what I want to tell you is,

After the appointment, take your Durex, don’t cheat feelings, and never let me see you again. ”

I read this sentence with my mobile phone many times and concluded that “I am a real brute”

I thought it was over. One day later, she sent me:

Honey, I am wrong. I shouldn’t scold you. I shouldn’t say those words that hurt people. Can you not break up?

It’s a play, a bed, as for?

“Sex friends”

You are most afraid to meet such a tangled woman on the road of the engagement gun, which makes you feel a headache.

She had to marry and have babies in her last bed and have her for a lifetime? Just want to say: aunt, you are the Great Qing Dynasty to cross it!


part company each going his own way

“It took me five days to realize I went to bed and then to separate ways!”

I met a person in software some time ago.

Day 1: swap photos on the software, chat blindly, feel like a chat open, add WeChat to each other, and don’t talk much.

The next day: WeChat chatted and talked about sex, then talked wet and exchanged photos. Well, they were satisfied with each other, satisfied with each other and said good night and then slept.

Day three: I said whether to come to her, she said no. I know she is reserved, so follow her, but I will continue to grumble with her and then agree to meet the next day.

Day 4: Finally, I met and dated, and I went to dinner with her, sandwiched her dishes, took her to the movies, and I kissed her secretly when I got to a certain plot. She didn’t refuse to. After watching the film, we went straight to the hotel, and then

Day 5: then she went back to each family and looked for each mother. She also talked with me at first. I had a sentence to handle, and then she didn’t contact me slowly… Maybe she felt that I didn’t want to take care of it.

The next day after I came back, I went on the software and found that she was active in the first 30 minutes… And was starting to search for new prey… And there was no word ever said.

Actually, I started talking very well, and I also wanted to develop my growing friends. However, I always felt that I was almost and didn’t know what was worse.

It wasn’t until I asked another girl that I found out where the gap was?

I had reached the climax that day in the hotel, but she had not yet. Then she looked at me with a scornful look, and then I explained to her that she was too tired… She said it was OK. In fact, she should be very despised.

But another girl, facing the same scene, smiled and said, “honey, it doesn’t matter. Then we talk and hug, which makes me feel very relaxed. At one moment, she starts again, until the Vietnam War is fiercer and fiercer.


Make the right fruit

“If you want to buy, you will have a gun. You can talk about love! But TMD is about love! ”

Think I Meng Yun was also a flower, elegant, handsome, often walking in the river, never wet feet.

But recently, he was beaten by his strength.

A party met a girl, very good character, we also very chatted, and then added WeChat all sorts of sultry, only to know that she broke up two years ago, not yet come out, I just play with her in a play mentality.

Then one day I asked her out, played late and opened a room and slept together.

It was amazing that night. Maybe the atmosphere, environment and mood were just fine. I felt that everything was very good. For the first time, the two people reached the climax. After that, I held her and talked with her about some happy things. The past interesting things seemed to be friends who knew each other for a long time. No, she should be a lover who hated the late meeting. She lay in my arms quietly and listened to me.

Later, they made a very frequent appointment. They were about every month. They spent two or three days at a time. They spent the whole time in the hotel. They could use a lot of them.

I don’t know if it’s a long time or I really feel so excited. I told myself from the beginning that the gun friend is a cannon friend, and can’t move his feelings.

But really, for a long time, I will miss her unconsciously, even fall in love with her.

Later, even the bully only allowed her to follow herself, and then he said I love you, just want to stay with you forever.

She was moved to the wall and she agreed to me.

Now we still enjoy all the good things sweetly, feel that life has a partner, what do you want?

Liu Yu said in “send you a bullet” that:

After all, the last bed, only a little hormone, and love a person, need to have passion, perseverance, perseverance, strength these things.

Above is the actual record!

Why do these men enjoy indulgence?

Why? There are three reasons:

Reason one: the nature of the world is really dirty.

Once men start having sex, they start to be a dangerous temptation for women, they can like you, but they will leave you. They began to have a sense of self and were driven by a desire to hunt around.

Reason two: desire is a danger.

Early in adolescence, we were divided into two types: one who likes safety, the other is adventurous. The world of the person who likes safety is static and eternal, and the world of adventurous people is dynamic and changeable.

Most people are in the middle of this normal distribution, and the extreme two aspects: the few like absolute safety and those who like absolute risk.

Reason 3: men don’t know how to be Mr hormonal?

Until now, many people have been angry at sexual morality, not because it is too fragile, but because it is too strong, so strong that we unconsciously cancel the existence of ourselves, cancel the existence of desire, we think that will be safe.

The real security of the world is two words: go away.

You will be distracted, naturally, there will be real security, you will not be distracted, will continue to sacrifice, cheap sell yourself.

The core need is the engine of all our actions, which determines where our energy is most invested. Where the core needs to be, it will be.

Any unbalanced relationship is the end of the day – disintegration.

A true love emotion, there is a necessary condition, that is, the intensity of love will between men and women be equal, the core needs of love must have a certain consistency.

So want to determine whether a relationship is a true love? First, ask yourself these four questions:

Do they know each other’s internal fear?

Do they know each other’s pain?

Have they shared the fragility they never shared with others?

What other connections do they have besides sex?

True love, in addition to the superficial love, sweet words, there will be many deep-level exchanges, that is, the deep interaction of thoughts and emotions, including the three views and feelings of mutual talk, each other open the door in the deep heart, face each other, enjoy the good, also bear the darkness.

Finally, it is only loved that people who love, and the rest are sleeping.

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