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If you ask me, what are the most asked questions in gender relations? I think it must be a subject related to the appointment.

This article will answer this question seriously today.

Is it really difficult to find a gun friend first?

In my opinion, if you really want to find a gun friend, it is not difficult.

When asked the students in our community, some girls say it is not difficult, some boys say it is difficult. Is there any gender difference in this question?

Indeed, when a girl wants to find a gun friend, she will find a group of losers in line with her, whether it’s around or on the Internet. The reason why we use the term male organ to call these men is that there is no choice and no bottom line for a type of male.

So for many women, if they have screening criteria, they can choose the right person to sleep from among many men.

When a heterosexual man wants to make a date, he will find that there are few female dating guns around him or on the Internet. Once he really asks every woman, “do you want to?”, The response may be a face of contempt or a foul rascal abuse. But except for the shameless deception, where are the girls who you love me?

The students told me that women were more inclined to make a date with strangers who had not been in contact with their friends. Because there is no moral hazard, at least not despised or humiliated by sluts.

The biggest dilemma for women is safety. Safety includes health and moral risks. As long as they are prepared to assess the risks of the two people and overcome the inner intolerance and fear of “engagement gun”, it is not difficult to find a man who wants to sleep.

Looking for gun friends, now there is a bit of a rush for many men. But I think that men want to make a date. It is not disgraceful. From the male perspective, you may only want to get what you want at the lowest cost. But the problem is that some men are unwilling to pay anything, conceal their real purpose and be untrue, and pretend to love. Such a man really makes women feel disgusted, maybe you say frankly, “I just want to sleep you, I can’t love you for a while, one said, I am greedy of your body.” Your sincerity can move them.

As for whether they want to sleep with you, this needs to reflect on themselves. Please give them a reason to sleep.

Summary on the gun. Friends are not difficult, difficult is sincere! The difficulty is to overcome the fear inside.

Second, do you know what kind of gun you want to find?

I always receive a lot of private letters from the background asking for an introduction to gun friends. I often look and laugh, because those private letters often tell about their distress, Versailles’ expression of their desires and abilities, and then ask for an introduction to gun friends.


As a personality education, sex and subject blogger, I am very upset. I am clearly looking forward to helping fans to establish a high-quality and stable intimate relationship, but in many people’s eyes, it has become a pornographic, dating and cannibalism blogger.

But I gradually realized that it was because of the awareness of all of us that we had room for work. It was our important work to help you know about the gun, understand the gun and deal with the gun. And for the above message, I think the most fundamental problem is that these people do not realize what kind of gun and friends they need to find.

I always understand that gun friends are a friendship above, lovers are not full of relations. It’s not easy to meet. Only when you know what ta looks like clearly can you find TA. Is it the same city? Age? Gender? What’s the look like? In short, the clearer the better.

When you have a clear goal, the last question is where to meet TA and express your heart sincerely. You still have two options on this issue, either to stay on the ground or to take the initiative. The former is very difficult unless you shine in the crowd, but I don’t think such a man can find a gun and friends, because women who want to ask for guns will actively look for them because he is the most beautiful baby in the crowd.

So, male students, if you think it is difficult to find gun friends, on the one hand, your face and talent are not enough. In this context, please put down your common and confident concept, define the goal and take the initiative to attack.

I think when a man realizes the above two questions, it is only a very superficial technical question to find out where to go.

Before someone asked about cannon under my microblog, I was very sad, and then a fan comforted me: “people’s daily Weibo also has Yoha. You are big here. There will be no bird. You don’t have to care. ”

So, some people are on the microblog, some are making friends software, some people are in a specific circle Rio. So when you are in a large enough group, you may meet your potential gun friends.

You are sincere and your heart is repairing yourself. So it is no problem where to find gun friends.

I am afraid of the misunderstanding of the explanation: “monk, you are teaching us about the gun.” So, what I need to say is: you offer guns, it is your choice, I don’t carry the pot. This principle can be compared with us to discuss the derailment, not to teach people to derail, we do sex education, not teach human nature and intercourse.

The idea we want to convey has always been the yearning and pursuit of sex and life, and we need to master skills and methods in this way.

What this article expects to tell you is to face your desires and thoughts sincerely.

If you want to make a date, you can go to the gun. Don’t pretend to be love. When you are incompetent, likely, you don’t accept it or accept it. The truth is the truth and the truth is true. So if you can’t face yourself sincerely in this matter, please go back to the style and learn, and to the greatest extent, understand the basic rules and principles of sexual interpersonal communication.

Liu Yu said a paragraph:

The popularity of the gun is in a sense equal to the human recognition of his dual incompetence, in the aspect of resistance to desire, in the cultivation of feelings of incompetence. The people who admit the double incompetence turn to spend their time in the life of the gun. After all, the last bed, only a little hormone, and love a person, need to have passion, perseverance, perseverance, strength these things. And human beings, always be a kind of animal that can avoid heavy and light.

Maybe we can hardly face this incompetence and shame. However, only when we accept and face this incompetence can we get out of this incompetence. Gun, friendship and love are all interpersonal relationships. You can walk out of a lonely relationship. You have won the first step. As for the win by step, practice slowly.

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