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It’s no fault to want a relationship. It’s no mistake to prefer being single and making a mess of your life. However, it is terrible to guide others and give them false hope. It is mean and heartbreaking to deceive people who care about you, say you are not ready to start a relationship, say things will change in the end. Well, that’s what many men have been doing recently. Instead of telling you the real reason they don’t want things to be formal, they use this old phrase to keep you from knowing your position.

I don’t want to be loyal

The first reason most men say they don’t want to label things is simple, they need to screw up.

“Not ready for a relationship but i like her—-he’s actually telling you four things”

When a man tells you these words, he actually wants to continue to live his single life, and he wants to continue to be a jerk. However, having such a relationship with you does not mean that he has any obligation. Although you don’t want to listen, the fact is that if he is casual to you, he has no obligation to be loyal to you. Instead, he can freely flirt with other girls – text messages, chat, and even go to bed with them. In fact, in this case, he has another similar relationship besides you. Do you know what’s the worst? The truth is that you can’t be against him. After all, neither of you is formal, he has the right to do whatever he wants.

I’m waiting for a better person

The other meaning of the phrase “I’m not ready to start a relationship” is cruel, but it doesn’t reduce its authenticity.

“Not ready for a relationship but i like her—-he’s actually telling you four things”

I don’t want to tell you that, but it’s possible that this man just takes you as his backup plan until a girl he thinks is better for him. You see, it’s not that he is not ready to fall in love now, he is just not ready to be in love with you. It’s a huge difference. Maybe he wants to be with his predecessor, or he’s waiting for a girl who meets his standards. The point is that he doesn’t think you’re a girlfriend. However, it doesn’t mean you should question your value just because he doesn’t see your value. Rather than seeing the whole situation as a bad thing, it is better to see it as his loss.

I can’t love.

When he said he wasn’t ready to fall in love, he was actually telling you four things

Some men have no ability to love one with all their heart. No matter how much emotion and sacrifice they get from her, she can’t be totally loyal to a woman. If your man is the same, you need to know that you have no problem. It doesn’t mean you should continue to try to break his armour shield or spend more effort to convince him of the existence of true love. He’s just emotionally inaccessible, and you can’t do anything about it. Besides, he tells you that he is not ready to fall in love now, which is nonsense because a man like him will never be ready to put in a relationship.

I am an immature child

Another group of men who never have the conditions to establish a healthy relationship are emotionally immature “Ma Bao men”, who refuse to grow up.

“Not ready for a relationship but i like her—-he’s actually telling you four things”

This type of person is not necessarily emotionally unavailable, he just wants to escape all possible responsibilities. He’s telling you that he doesn’t want a real relationship now, because he can’t start to behave like a man of maturity. He would rather live in fantasy, think he is young and has enough time to think about the future. He imagined a relationship as a cage and felt that it would limit his freedom, and he didn’t know how to be a couple. This guy is not going to marry or to be a family. Instead, he lives in the moment, and you as his formal girlfriend only hinder his way of life.

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