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“Is there a pure friendship between men and women?”

Friends and men have been together for a long time, and cross-border behaviour is easy to happen. The so-called “boyfriend and girlfriend” is because their relationship far exceeds ordinary friends. So, is there a pure friendship between men and women?

“Sex attraction between men and women, 70% of men want to be girlfriends”

If you feel that you have pure friendship, you must be the one loved. There is a girl who once thought men and women had pure friendship“ I have a very good boyfriend, study together, help each other borrow money never ask why, direct transfer, on-call, I think it is just that, but until… The boy finally can not help, summon up the courage to tell her. The best friend has loved himself for many years, and such a bridge can make up a sweet love drama in the human brain. But it’s a pain for girls, which means she may lose her best relationship“ I’ve always made him a friend, never thought he would like me. ” I think you are brothers, but you want to bubble me?

“Can men and women be just friends—-from the perspective of boys, is there a “pure friendship” between men and women”

Yes, American scientists have pointed out that the friendship between men and heterosexual friends is based on sexual attraction. Evolutionary psychology also believes that friendship between men and women begins with attraction and there are always impure factors. 

Those friendships that claim “they can’t see each other” do not exist, and if they are not attractive, you can’t develop into good friends.

In the Thai film “friendship above”, the leading role of men and women is the iron friend and boyfriend of each other. Because of the high school phrase “is the love between good friends”, they have maintained the friendship above the relationship for 10 years. The female Lord Xiaoqin suspected that she had a pregnancy in other countries. As long as a phone call, the male leader pan 2 said nothing, and immediately dropped her date and flew to another country to accompany her. The female owner suspected her boyfriend was cheating, and the male owner gave up rest time to accompany her across half of Southeast Asia to catch adultery. The female owner suddenly rushed into the wild. The male owner would like to take off the famous T-shirt for her as a hand paper and bear the eyes of being seen as monkeys through the street naked in the upper body. When the female owner told them to break up with her boyfriend, the male owner could not help but be excited. If it’s not love, who else is willing to do that for their girlfriend? Pure friendship can’t be done. When the piano invited pan to come up to her room late, he bought even the condom. The sexual attraction and love of men and women are the important reasons for the two to maintain intimacy. Those who maintain relationships beyond normal are just because of love.

“Can men and women be just friends—-from the perspective of boys, is there a “pure friendship” between men and women”

Since the motivation of communication between men and women is different from each other at the beginning, the attitude towards friendship is very different. Men are more likely to regard heterosexual friends as potential partners or lovers, whereas women, on the contrary, attach more importance to communication in their hearts and do not involve sex. A man, if he doesn’t like you, won’t want to be a friend with you. But if he likes you, he won’t just want to be friends with you. 70 percent of boys said they were interested in their girlfriend. Women tend to underestimate men’s interest in themselves. Girls who believe that “even if they are naked and stand in front of their boyfriend, they will only laugh at you flat chest” can only say it’s naive. Therefore, men never allow girlfriends to have boyfriends because he knows what the man thinks in his mind. Women with boyfriends are more likely to be dug up, and men with girlfriends are more likely to derail.

A netizen is deeply troubled, his girlfriend has a boyfriend for seven years, they accompany each other through the best youth. Knowing that she made a boyfriend, the boyfriend finally couldn’t help launching the offensive. She was more active greeting, hiss and warm, full of doting tone, called her a little fool. More than that, the boyfriend took advantage of his absence, National Day travel when planning to the girl’s confession. Although the girl firmly expressed that she did not like her boyfriend, she only liked him but also admitted that if she did not exist, she would promise to be with her boyfriend. The mutual attraction of men and women is determined by human nature. If you have good feelings, you will be willing to do things beyond the scope of friendship for each other. The boys are willing to accompany the girls to the boring streets, and she cooks 3 hours of telephone porridge, But it’s easier for men to maintain friendship between men. Playing ball, playing games, rolling up a string of drinks can be done. If it’s not for sex, boys are more likely to play with boys.

“How to identify heterosexual friends from being out of bounds?”

Research shows that because of the differences in the way men and women think, so-called “pure relationships between men and women” are basically destroyed by men’s delusions, says Adrian f.ward, a psychology professor at Harvard University About half of the young adults in one study reported having sex with at least one friend who was not a lover. Time is the catalyst of men’s and women’s emotions. It is easy to make the feelings change in quality. There is no normal friendship between men and women, some of which is just love and hate.

“Can men and women be just friends—-from the perspective of boys, is there a “pure friendship” between men and women”

It is difficult to maintain a pure friendship between men and women. It is even harder to maintain a pure friendship. Both sides need to bear the double pressure from inside and outside. You may wonder if the other party is using you as a spare, or if one wants to develop a relationship, the other side has no feeling at all. Even if you really want to maintain a pure relationship, others will regard them as ambiguous objects. As a party, it is possible to alienate gradually to avoid suspicion, and may also make a fake trick. Moreover, when one or both sides have a partner, the boyfriend and the woman are the biggest obstacle to love, and it is impossible to maintain a close friendship. Because of sex, men and women are never able to be real friends.

To test the purity of you and your heterosexual friends, you can refer to the following psychological experts to give four dimensions:

“Strong sexual attraction”: want to have intimate contacts with each other, such as hugs or kisses, and desire to touch each other’s body.

“Sexual envy”: when your opposite-sex friend is close to others, will you feel lost because of being ignored by the other party, and envy, jealous and repulsive psychology to the people you associate with. Even sneer at friends, verbal attacks.

“Exclusive relationship”: I hope you two will miss only if they get along without being disturbed or not in contact for a long time.

“Confused and ambiguous about relationship”: it is intended to further contact, but afraid to destroy the current friendship and dare not show it. The behaviour and speech have easily caused a misunderstanding of others.

If you and the person in your mind at this moment fit any of the above, it means that your relationship is no longer simple.

There can be friendship between men and women, but it must be kept a boundary. The line is the degree to which your partner can accept it, depending on the person. If you already have a partner, please take the initiative to keep a distance from your opposite-sex friends, and don’t let your intimacy with your friends become the most acute thorn in your relationship“ In our life, we inevitably see Yang Guo’s regret for life, and we will inevitably meet red Yan hate when he does not meet her husband, but a responsible adult knows how to control the border. ” I hope you can understand that the right friendship between the opposite sex is: love, etiquette.

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