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Not ready for a relationship but i like her—-he’s actually telling you four things

It’s no fault to want a relationship. It’s no mistake to prefer being single and making a mess of your life.

emotional Life Love Psychology

Can men and women be just friends—-from the perspective of boys, is there a “pure friendship” between men and women

Friends and men have been together for a long time, and cross-border behaviour is easy to happen. The so-called “boyfriend and girlfriend” is because their relationship far exceeds ordinary friends. So, is there a pure friendship between men and women?

emotional Life Love Psychology

Talking about your ex in a new relationship—-don’t talk to the present

Talk to the current about your predecessor, and everyone has done it.
Some are voluntary, while others are forced.

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Talking about your ex in a new relationship

Many lovers often because of the topic of the former quarrel, a relationship, the former topic seems to be a minefield, then, in the end, should not talk to the current predecessor?