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1, where the feelings mean difficult to level

A boy’s like is an irresistible instinct.

In the face of you, he will become overwhelmed and helpless. He won’t take out the old oil bar to treat you, because he doesn’t want to tarnish his pure liking. On the surface, it may seem cloudy and light, but his behaviour is careful, always for your sake, and afraid of causing your boredom.

And a boy just wants to be friends with you, he may offer to talk to you, will ask you out, but you are not his only option.

The purpose of making friends is actually to make yourself comfortable. And for a person who likes, boys are more willing to make each other comfortable, even if occasionally wronged themselves.

2, potential inferiority

Do you know what scares the boys the most?

In fact, it is – fear of their own ability is not good, can not give their loved ones want to live.

This means that boys in front of their favourite people, even if he once again unlimited scenery, but still will secretly low self-esteem. He always asks for your opinion and always thinks of ways to make you happy.

Sometimes, boys for the people they like, often do not ask for a return.

He bought you a present, it was to see your surprised expression. He chats with you, afraid that you are alone. He sent you home for fear of what danger you were in.

And a boy just wants to be friends with you, his pay is very much looking forward to the return.

He buys gifts to receive them from you. He chats with you, afraid of being alone. He’ll take you home, probably just because he’s on the way.

Unabashedly, the key to maintaining a friendship is to “exchange equal values”, and once you don’t pay for it, the long-term friendship will naturally fade.

3, carefully to be good to you

A boy who really likes you, many times, his behaviour makes you helpless and lovely.

For boys, if not by their loved ones’ need, then there is no doubt that “chronic death.” He always felt that “he has to do something for you” to be able to afford to like himself.

You said you lost weight, his first reaction is not to boast that you become good-looking, but to blame you “there is no good meal”;

Suddenly it was cloudy, his first reaction was not to fasten the button for himself, but to take off his clothes and wear them on you;

You said you don’t need him to clean you, he still picked up the pickaxe, help you clean the spotless, even though his own room has been messy for a long time…

Just want to make friends with you boys, will not give themselves trouble, friends are looking for each other to be happy, not to their own mess.

And a really like your boy, they will not bother to give themselves things, sometimes in the eyes of girls may be “more than this”, but for them to enjoy it.

“When a man puts you in the friend zone”

4, unusual curiosity

A boy who likes you, his curiosity about you will be unusually heavy.

You send a message, and he’ll have your mind in his back. If you share a song, he will secretly listen to all the songs. You send a sad message and he thinks, “Are you unhappy?” How do you channel your emotions? ”

Sometimes, like is to love the house and Wu.

You’ll be surprised to find “what you’re interested in, and he seems to understand it”; what you love to eat, he can always find similar restaurants; you like to do things, and he likes to be patient.

But to tell you the truth, there is such a coincidence in the world, but he prepared his lessons in advance.

And a boy who just wants to be friends with you, he won’t just cultivate things that aren’t interested in you, you talk about each other’s common interests, you eat what both sides love to eat.

This means that “he doesn’t have much curiosity about you”, and that he deals with you just talk to each other, and that’s all.

5, suffering from loss of sensitivity and suspicion

In fact, a boy who really likes you, more sensitive than you, more afraid of losing than you.

If you casually say, “It’s too hot, I don’t want to eat”, they will begin to involuntarily reflect on “is not what you said wrong” and “is not yourself making you unhappy again.”

Although there is a trace of dog licking psychology, for most boys, if he really likes you, he will care about your small emotions. Although sometimes can not be pinched, sometimes also speculate errors.

So girls, meet you like, and really like your boys, in fact, the best way to hurt them is to “have something to say straight”, don’t let him guess your mind, but directly to say how you feel.

When you can give him transparency, he will be more dependent. And when your tacit understanding is cultivated, his anxiety and sensitivity naturally disappear, and instead, with one look in your eyes, he understands your caution.

And a person who just wants to be friends with you will say what he cares about, but rarely does what really cares about you. He doesn’t affect his emotions because of you, in other words, you’re not that important.

6, like is to do their best and friends are to do their best

A person who really likes you will give you his scarce resources, for this relationship, he can do his best.

And a person who just wants to make friends with you will only pull out ordinary resources to socialize because you are not worth spending his scarce resources.

For example, a rich second generation please eat a big meal, which shows that he likes you, this money even if you do not invite you to eat put, he will also spend on the game, spend on entertainment, you just help him consume excess capacity.

A poor student chats with you every day, which does not mean anything, because he has time is, even if not with you, he will find other things to kill time.

But a rich second generation dare to open your identity in the circle of friends, or poor students save money to create surprises for you, in front of you to say “nothing”, this is really like your performance.

A person’s willingness to give you scarce resources is one of the important criteria for judging whether he likes you or just wants to make friends with you.

7, the internal willingness to hurt you outside will lead for you

A really like boys, especially young boys, you will find that “he sometimes both mouth damage, but also love to be mean.”

“When a man puts you in the friend zone”

When you two get along, he always likes to hurt you two sentences, but never put the words heavy, it is just to attract your attention performance.

And when he’s out there, he doesn’t allow anyone to say you’re bad, and when you’re wrong, he’ll be on your side unconditionally and stand up for you.

And a person who just wants to be friends with you, he may always be picking on your advantages and saying that you can feel the estrangement that compliments bring.

But friends will weigh the pros and cons, he may lead for you, but it is only to the end, he will not harm their own image and interests.

8, the unknown side

Really speaking, a boy who really likes you may be mature and strong on the surface at first, but as time goes on, you will find that he is not known for his softness and childishness.

Boys are actually reluctant to show this to others unless the person deserves their trust and absolute trust.

So you will find that a mature and strong man will also have a tender tearful side, a warm and outgoing man will also have a non-smiling side.

That is to say, the boys have a corner of their own, he will not easily let a person into, but he wants to be sincere with you, he will be from some of the details of life constantly passed to you, this is a sign of trust and dependence.

But a boy who just wants to make friends with you, you can clearly feel that “it’s nice to be with him, but it’s not enough.” “You know him as well as any other friend of the opposite sex, and he does the same to you.”

9, always willing to share with you

A boy who likes you gets along for a long time, and you’ll find “this guy special.”

He is willing to share interesting things with you, his past and childhood are always mentioned to you, and sometimes he will report to you in the toilet.

In essence, he especially wants you to be interested in him, and he wants to fit into your life, and what happens to you, he’ll be your first talker.

And a person who just wants to be friends with you, he’s willing to share it with you, but not everything.

“When a man puts you in the friend zone”


You may have had a hot chat on the first day, but the next day, the third day, the man disappeared without a trace. Because only want to be friends with you boys, he has no impulse on you, so not everything will think of you.

There’s also a strong sense of boundary between you, you don’t know what his social circle is like, and he’s not so interested in your social circle and life. 

10, don’t let a person like you, and finally, think of you as a friend

This is particularly important.

Many times, boys like impulses, often instantaneous.

This means that “when these boys like, for a long time without a response, or even a laborious and unappealing existence, then he will slowly put away his likes, gradually transition to a friend status.” ”

Don’t think that “boys are a thin and sentimental creature”, from a psychological point of view, the human emotional cycle is generally 28 days, regardless of men and women, when their pursuit of a very like thing repeatedly hit the wall, then it will produce good fatigue, and finally difficult to produce secondary impulses.

To meet a boy who likes you, you like, you may want to give him some positive interaction and hints so that he can understand your heart, more courage to upgrade the relationship with you.

If you don’t like it, you may as well reject the boy as soon as possible, which is also responsible for their own word-of-mouth, but also the success of the boy.

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