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The methods to be taught to you in this article are not rigorous scientific principles, but they do not prevent us from starting from these clues to infer whether he has sent a signal that he likes you. So pay more attention when you get along with him, maybe he has subconsciously shown what he thinks.

This article is divided into three parts, be sure to read, otherwise, they get not to the mystery.

Part one: Interpret the body language. 

“When a man puts you in the friend zone—-how can I tell if a boy likes you or regards you as a friend”

1. Look directly into each other’s eyes

If he doesn’t shy away from your eyes and make positive eye contact with you, he’s more likely to be interested in you. It’s also a good flirting technique. Always keeping eye contact helps you quickly establish a connection, especially when you’re talking to two people

If you look up every time you can see that he’s looking at you, that’s a good sign. It shows that he likes to look at you, just a little shy, afraid to approach you or directly indicate that he is interested in you.

2. Observe if his body is leaning towards you

People subconsciously approach the people they are interested in. If he approaches you involuntarily, it means that he is comfortable with you and wants to be closer to you. That means he’s interested in you.

If he moves around deliberately approaching you, it’s also a welcome sign that he’s interested in you. For example, you are walking side by side, and he keeps swinging his arms and rubbing them against each other.

This small movement is subconscious, subtle and difficult to detect. You can do something similar to create ambiguity. For example, when walking down the road to encounter a puddle, Mingming puddle on his side, you can move to the other side of his body to jump over the puddle, and then take the opportunity to get closer to him a little bit.

3. Observe if he imitates your body language

When a person likes another person, he usually unconsciously imitates his body language. If he’s imitating some of your actions, congratulations, he subconsciously likes you.

For example, after a few seconds of drinking, he also took a drink. Or, when you put your arm on the table, he puts his arm on the table.

Similarly, you can use this to create small ambiguity. When he raised his legs, you also imitated him. After he had a few drinks, after a few seconds, you also had a drink.

“When a man puts you in the friend zone—-how can I tell if a boy likes you or regards you as a friend”

4. Pay attention to whether he has physical contact with you

Physical contact indicates that he is interested in you. When you’ve known each other for a while, or if he feels comfortable with you, the number of times he touches you will increase dramatically.

Ambiguous touches include the friction of your arm when walking (perhaps intentionally or unintentionally); patting your back (more like touching between ordinary friends); and any “brotherly” touch (such as punching, clapping, etc.).

Clearly means that he has a good touch with you: the bracelet around your waist, the hands running around when you hug (hands may caress on your back or waist), the arm around you, and so on.

You can also touch him intentionally to create small ambiguity. For example, put your hand on his arm during a conversation, or gently push him with your elbows when talking about funny things (you can give him a lovely smile).

Part TWO: Observe his behaviour

1. Pay attention to whether he is always with you

If a boy has a favourable feeling for you, he will unconsciously turn around you. You’ll find that you can see him right next to you every time you turn around. Even if he tries to ignore your existence, he will unconsciously wander around you.

If he can remember what you said to him, that’s the best proof. This shows that he not only has ears to listen to you but also really listens to the heart and remembers. If he’s with you just for sex or to satisfy his self-esteem, he won’t remember what you said, probably just pretending to be listening.

You should also pay attention to listen to him carefully. If you can remember him and show a good feeling for him, he will be happy, which will make him feel that he is important to you.

Pay attention to whether he is nervous with you

Usually, if a boy likes you, he gets nervous with you because he wants to do better and make a good impression.

Watch to see if he giggles inexplicably, sweats, or is upset. He may not dare to look at you, he may not be able to look at you calmly.

At this point, try to make him feel comfortable and comfortable. You can share some of your anecdotes with him, such as spilling alcohol at work parties. Let him know that you are not eating fireworks, but ground gas.

3. Pay attention to whether he is kind to you

If a boy likes you, he will want to do something warm-hearted to win your favour. If he is kind to you, especially if it contains some other subtle signals, it shows that he has a good feeling for you.

He may put on a coat for you when you’re cold, or buy you a cup of coffee, or take you to the airport when you’re on a plane, and so on.

Courtesy, you also have to care more about each other. This will let him know that you are not the one who takes other people’s good for granted, but rather that you are in your heart and know how to be grateful. But remember, don’t take advantage of him if you don’t like him.

4. Listen to each other’s compliments

If a boy likes you, he will show his appreciation for you, intentionally or not. This appreciation or praise is not limited to appearance, any good side is possible.

He may boast about your new hairstyle (which means he’s careful and kind to you), or praise your recent work performance.

“When a man puts you in the friend zone—-how can I tell if a boy likes you or regards you as a friend”

Part 3: Judge whether he is not interested in you

1. Watch out for whether he doesn’t listen to you

As mentioned above, if a boy likes you, he will want to know you, that is, he will listen to you carefully and remember. If you find that he is not listening to you carefully, then it is likely that he is not interested in you, then you have to work hard.

He may not ask you many questions to get to know you better. This may be because he is not interested in you, or because he is interested in you, but too self-ego to treat you as a mature and worth digging object. 

2. Pay attention to whether he doesn’t make eye contact with you

Some boys may not make more eye contact with girls who have a good feeling out of tension, but from time to time he can’t help but look at each other. If he always looks east and west and doesn’t look at you, then he must not be interested in you.

Note that if he keeps looking at his phone and not listening to you, it’s clear that he doesn’t care so much about you.

3. Observe his body language

His body language always reveals some signals, and if he doesn’t like you, his body language will certainly show up.

He never tries to get close to you or touch you. If he never takes care of you and does the kind of warm-hearted things mentioned above, he’s probably not interested in you.

If he’s interested in you, he’ll still be around you from time to time, even if he’s shy, or he’s busy with what he’s interested in and accidentally ignores you. If he never stays with you, he probably isn’t interested in you.

4. Don’t return your call within twenty-four hours

If a boy likes a girl, he will certainly keep in touch with him, with few exceptions. It only takes 5 seconds to send a text message, even if it’s a “busy, wait a minute” text message. If he likes you, he won’t leave you alone waiting endlessly.

5. Observe if he doesn’t want to enter your social circle

If he always makes excuses not to see your friends, he probably doesn’t like you that much. Sure, you may not want to introduce him and your friends so quickly, but if they’ve been dating for a while and he still doesn’t want to see your friends believe me, he doesn’t like you that much.


If you want to know if he likes you, perhaps the best solution is to ask him directly. On the face of it, it can make you nervous and upset, but it’s really the most sophisticated way to deal with it. Maybe you got a boyfriend for that?

Pay attention to the following body language, such as smiles, bullying with you, eyebrows, and so on. These are all the iron evidence that he likes you.

Warning ⚠️

By the same to say, if he doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends, he doesn’t like you that much. This shows that he is not serious about your relationship, otherwise, he would have been eager to show off to his brothers.

Keep in mind that this article is not about rigorous science. There are differences between people, and some people’s behaviour may be consistent with the situation described, but not all cases apply.

If you feel like he’s just using you to boost your popularity, keep your distance from him, and those feelings are likely to hurt you.

If his attitude towards you is the same as that of his brother, his affection for you likely has nothing to do with the feelings of men and women.

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