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Scorpio boys like ambiguity, but they will only stop at ambiguity. Once you want to pick out the relationship between the two, you’ll just let him say no. Scorpio man said the meaning of being a friend, simply decisively refused.

“When a guy just wants to be friends after dating—-scorpio”

1. Don’t be passive

In feelings, Scorpio wants to be able to control the pace of development of the relationship. If you are too anxious, he will only think that you do not have a tacit understanding, and thus back away. Scorpio is absolutely not to let others become active, even if he likes you again, in the face of your kindness or confession, will only be reflexive refusal.

“When a guy just wants to be friends after dating—-scorpio”

2. Just want to be ambiguous

Although Scorpio’s boyfriend is considerate and affectionate, it’s not easy to make them your boyfriend. It is precise because this constellation knows that once a relationship begins, they also have to be seriously responsible for the other party, so they are particularly difficult to pay a person sincerely, most of the time, they want is just a relaxed and pleasant ambiguous relationship.

3. There is no chance

No matter how sweet and doting Scorpio was on you before, when you asked him directly about it, you’re basically done with your ending. Scorpio will never eat back grass, sometimes, even if the other side can let him move, for that little stubborn self-esteem, Scorpio will choose to turn away. With his words, you have no chance.

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