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Often receive such help: I want to ease the relationship with my husband, but I can’t communicate at all, a conversation on the quarrel, what should I do?

Today, let’s talk about how to start effective communication with men.

“How to connect with emotionally unavailable man”


Establish a communication posture

It’s not that you’re tall, you can’t live, but at least you should be in an equal position with a man.

What do you mean equality? Respect, negotiate and compromise with each other. It can’t be when you want to communicate, but you have to consider my mood, time, will.

When I want to communicate, you do not communicate, I chase your ass behind every day begging, today you said you want to communicate, an order, I will bow my head, immediately run to you and talk to you?

Of course not! Even if you have nothing to say something, even if your heart is extremely eager to communicate immediately, in place, you have to give me hold back! Because of this, you are in a passive position again!

Many times, gestures are formed by rejection.

Maybe some woman will worry, if I say I don’t want to talk now, my husband won’t talk to me? I said talk another day, he has no time another day how to do? You put ten thousand hearts! The more you say you don’t have time, the more time he has! The less you want to talk! The more he wants to know what you think!

On the contrary, if you agree easily, he’ll likely take a work call and say, “Something’s going to happen again” and leave in a hurry. Because he tried you, found that his wife is still the same as before, very obedient very good very relieved, proper drop nothing is before their own worry. That’s it. What should I do?

Right! That’s it! Not want to communicate on communication, say communication on communication, casual communication, but to do a lot of preparatory work, to start an effective communication.

“How to connect with emotionally unavailable man”


Select the communication time

Effective communication must be done at a specific time, not a random, fragmented, stitched time, which is a respect for the energy, efficiency, and emotion of both of you.

All open mouth to come, think of it to say, is not communication, but emotional venting.

After turning down your husband’s request for heart-to-heart communication, you next have to choose a time for your communication. You have to choose a large section, can fully communicate undisturbed, you and his state can be a more relaxed time.

For example, you do not choose the morning breakfast, because this time the man is anxious to go to work, it is likely that the communication has not yet unfolded he will go;

There are times to choose from, after work, after dinner, or on weekends. You’d better give each other a few choices and let him choose.

Be careful to create an equal and pleasant atmosphere of communication. Just said, can not let the man specify the time, in turn, you do not do a speech, say one or two, but choose a convenient time for both people.


Select a place to communicate

The place of communication is also important. It makes sense to negotiate at the negotiating table, to talk about business at the wine table, to talk about cooperation is generally at the coffee shop.

The environment will create an atmosphere, a sense of ceremony.

Imagine you’re having an in-depth discussion with your husband about an issue, and your doll is crying, and the conversation breaks down, or you two talking, getting up and touching an apple, and then getting up and going to see the fire.

These details of life will pull your communication back into the specific affairs of Chaim oil salt, there is no way to solve your problems from a deep, fundamental level.

Options include: quiet garden, quiet coffee shop, quiet restaurant, Chinese food is generally noisy, suggest Western food, Japanese food and so on. 


Dress up carefully

How important is the vision to people?

In the office, you’re looking at a woman in a black Chanel suit, 12-centimetre heels, and fine makeup, and even if you don’t know her position, you won’t bother her to help me collect the courier.

If you need help in a hurry, you’ll find a little girl with a horse’s tail and a white T-shirt. A lot of women talk to their partners, plain face, head-scratching, wearing crumpled pyjamas, this time you talk to him about “you want to leave junior three, come back to love me” topic, how many wins do you think you have?

Men even look at you feel very reluctant, you say is powerless, he just wants to end the conversation, away from this visual disaster!

Please, be sure, float beautifully, like going on an important appointment, to start an important conversation.

If it is to talk about the problem of junior three, please be extremely charming, from the momentum first do not lose to that fox essence, if it is talking about men to you rough, cold violence and other issues, you can dress up professional knowledge, let him feel your strength. Anyway, the most important thing is to look good! It’s going to look good! It’s going to look good!

After all, you’re so beautiful that you’re right to say anything.


Establish communication goals

Most conversations can’t be called communication, just expression, catharsis, not real problem-solving.

What do you mean by effective communication? Is to achieve communication objectives of communication. And many people have no goals before communicating, let alone effective or ineffective.

You have to be clear about what you want to achieve through this conversation.

“How to connect with emotionally unavailable man”

Only one goal is set in one communication

Your husband is a problem, lazy and fierce, not good for you, regardless of the child, but also everywhere chat, mother-in-law also does not worry, always short.

However, you cannot hope to solve all the problems at once. If you throw out all the questions in a conversation, you’re just taking out the trash, and none of them can be discussed and studied in depth. To say is to say nothing, it’s pointless.

You have to grasp the main contradictions and solve one of the most desired, or urgent, problems.

For example, what you need to solve most now is the problem of husband and junior three cut off contact, then you do not want to talk about the relationship between mother-in-law. Pulling this question for you to deal with the problem of small three has no benefit, on the contrary, will also cause your husband’s disgust, let your husband feel or small three gentle sensible people comfortable.

People are most afraid of not knowing what to want, more terrible than not knowing what to want, is to want everything.

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