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When it comes to off-site love, it’s really a big killer in love. Because most off-site love if not in six months to become the same city love, then its probability of breaking up will be particularly high.

And the break-up of love, in fact, the vast majority of the reason is not that we often say that the feelings fade (yes, you are not wrong), but we are more and more strange, we are more and more resentful, we more and more distrust each other.

Why isn’t the feelings fading? Because of the Romeo and Juliet effect, off-site love to some extent even to our feelings will play a role in promoting, because the distance in this period of time has become two people must overcome the obstacles, but will promote the feelings of both sides.

(Romeo and Juliet effect: If there is an external force in a relationship that interferes with the love relationship between the two parties, the relationship between the two parties will become stronger and the relationship will become stronger.) )

According to my, if off-site love has a role to promote, then why to the end of the love break up there are many? Because in a relationship to repair into positive results, love alone is not enough, in the love of different places is even more so.

“Breaking up because of distance”

The failure of off-site love is often not the lightness of love, but the growing of resentment and dissatisfaction.

The biggest characteristic of off-site love is that you two can’t be together most of the time, only a short time together. Then your habits, your character and temper change, the other side can not participate in the whole process, but to know that our human change is particularly large and particularly fast.

Maybe today I am particularly happy, there are many things I want to share, but tomorrow I may be affected by life or how I am very low and sad. My mood can change dramatically every minute, and the off-site environment makes these changes difficult to perceive, let alone participate in.

So you don’t know that much. The degree of understanding is not so deep, it will lead to a lack of trust. Trust is with the lack of information and gradually collapses, slowly, do not understand ta you can only rely on the previous impression to get along with ta, to the end, the so-called trust in their own deception.

Emotionally you have no obstacles, but the degree of understanding, the degree of trust has not kept up with the development of feelings, you find that ta has changed.

“Breaking up because of distance” 

And then the bigger problem comes, and it’s the best excuse for a bad relationship: you’re never there when I need it, and when I’m down, don’t say you’re not even with me.

Although there are so many obstacles to off-site love, the reality of the environment is really difficult to change for a while, so I will hand in hand to teach you to talk about a non-break-up of off-site love.

First, nothing great to share daily life and change

Owen Altman and Dalmas Taylor put forward the theory of social infiltration. Self-exposure is the core of relationship development, the higher the degree of self-exposure, the higher the level of intimacy between relationships, and as the degree of self-exposure gradually deepens, the degree of privacy of shared content increases, each other will be more understanding, the relationship will be further sublimated. The more you know about each other, the closer you get to each other.

So off-site lovers can spend an hour or two a day talking about what’s going on in their day, how your emotions change, and how you two miss each other. But in the process of sharing attention to come and go, both sides to share, from the daily small things slowly transition, so that can better enhance the relationship between two people.

Second, build trust by giving over some of your privacy

The above sentence means that as far as possible do not retain privacy, as far as possible to open all their own things to each other, to achieve maximum transparency, such as an exchange of mobile phones and WeChat passwords and so on. Be aware that privacy transparency is the best antidote to the lack of trust.

Third, let practical help become a possibility

We can do this in three dimensions.

“Breaking up because of distance”

1 online daily help.

For example, by noon, you can give ta point a takeaway by hungry beauty group, by calling the car software off work to ta daily call a car, but also can help ta on Taobao to buy some food ah or something, through the online and express form to achieve daily care and care.

2 When meeting, focus on helping ta deal with some of the difficulties in life.

Some things must be done in real life, such as accompanying her to the hospital to check the body or to see ta’s parents and so on, encounter such a thing do not escape, after all, you are the object of others, you can take advantage of the time to focus on dealing with so that these do not become obstacles in the future.

3 Find a fixed helper for ta’s temporary emergency

This is also a particularly important dimension. When your other half has some emergencies in different places, if you can’t get there any time soon, be sure to designate a regular temporary helper, who can be a relative or friend of your parents, sisters, but this person and your subject must be of the same sex.

Because of this temporary emergency, often is a key node in a person’s life, this time ta will also be very fragile. This key node is easy to break, but also easy to generate gratitude, gratitude for things to come, spare tires are easy to correct. Just like in the first half of my life Hehan has been helping Luo Zijun, helping to help on the matter.

Of course, the method mentioned above. Just to maintain your off-site love, in order not to let you break up in this off-site love. These measures are nothing more than a soup to stop boiling, the most root-and-branch method is your city.

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