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Good love is attractive.

For boys, your strongest attraction is your high value.

When you have high value and can show it in specific situations, you have a charm that is enough to make most girls fall on you.

“Most attractive traits in a man”

Don’t laugh, it’s true.

In fact, you just pay careful attention to the girls around, including the major dating programs of male and female guest interaction, you can not difficult to find that girls like boys, especially particularly popular boys, have similar, or even the same characteristics.

Here for attracting girls to do a generalization and summary of the characteristics, mainly focused on the following three aspects.

First, male leaders are obvious boys

“Men are basically hunting, and their instinct is to chase what’s running away.”

So your male leadership needs to be reflected in the relationship, which is a trait that the other person doesn’t have, and it’s the first super attraction.

Although the girl’s mouth does not say, no one does not like to be a real overbearing president wall kiss, according to statistics show that 80% of girls have such fantasies.

Because, “male leadership” these five words prove that there is self-confidence, opinion, responsibility, strength, courage and courage, ability, responsibility, ability to solve difficulties, and even response, the number of people who worship him.

Almost most women aspire to be strong women. And in the face of like girls, you do not have to be a “big brother”, but you must know how to lead the relationship, lead the relationship.

“Most attractive traits in a man”

One of the great advantages of this feature is that it can fully meet the inner needs of girls feel safe because the leader thinks that this takes risks and responsibilities, and girls around you, protected by you, she believes in your ability, can shield her from the rain, she is willing to be a supporting actor, simply to do her little woman.

Second, sweet mouth and reliable boys

Note that the “sweet and reliable mouth” here is inseparable.

Everyone likes to listen to good words, especially girls in love, is by the ears of the animal.

They like to listen to your wind and snow moon, like to listen to you talk about ancient times, like to listen to you do some silly things, also like you to do some romantic things.

All love seems to happen in the mouth of sweet-mouthed boys, girls of course for such boys especially like. As soon as you listen to them, you’ll be in a particularly good mood.

However, many sweet-mouthed boys will also give girls a strong sense of insecurity, they will think that such boys are the same to everyone, are the same sweet mouth, flashy. Well, the mouth is sweet and reliable, is “by the real” popular boys.

On the one hand can fully meet the girl’s sense of security, on the other hand, the reliable reflected in the “say to do” action, so, such boys and girls will like.

Three, caring optimistic interesting boys

Whenever turned to the boys and small animals of the photo, girls will be involuntarily in the heart “wow” a bit, because girls will feel that such boys are very loving, very good to take care of people, very kind.

Maybe, if you fall in love with someone like that, he’ll be nice to me. Then, the mind will naturally appear “gentle and considerate picture.”

However, only gentle and considerate, people who do not look for topics in their relationship will still be issued a good person card, because “too boring”.

Therefore, interesting boys will not let girls be bored, because such boys never chat killers, they can humorously resolve embarrassment, and even self-deprecating, as long as there is such a characteristic of boys, often particularly women.

These two traits come together because they provide the “emotional value” that most girls provide.

Girls are emotional animals, all your values should be converted into emotional value, positive reflection, girls have the impulse to really be with you.

“Most attractive traits in a man”

Fourth, fragile surface display

Fragile face display, is a sharp weapon to attract girls, not only can quickly close the distance between two people but also this trait will cause the emotional reflection of a female mother’s love so that girls think you are a boy with an availability.

In particular, you show attraction and high value, when the girl is completely attracted to you, she will be psychologically in a relatively low position.

For example, if you are a high value handsome rich, but she is only a small county from the work of small sister, although you like her very much, also like she released high value, attraction and good feelings, however, girls will feel that you are too far apart, although you can successfully attract her, you lack some kind of connection.

And at this point, what do you want to do if you want to be with her and reassure her?

Yes, it’s about showing your vulnerability.

You can tell her about your past, for example, you can tell her that her family is not happy, when she was a child by classmates bullying, there are many childhood shadows, causing her empathy and inner pain;

Or you can tell you about the setbacks, but you are still a person who tenaciously overcome them, though, let her look at you, appreciate your inner;

Or you can give her the chance to care about you, accidentally hurt her hand, she can wrap it for you, and so on.

Whether physically or psychologically, the fragile side makes the other person feel like she is her own person, your distance is closer, and at the same time, the resonance generated by experience makes you feel good.

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