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What qualities do men attract most to women? By definition: Attraction is to show a girl your value charm and make her feel that your value is comparable to or higher than hers. 

“Most attractive traits in a man—–

what kind of men are most attractive to women”

During the attraction phase, you want a woman to see you as someone she might potentially have sex with, not just a friend or stranger.

Next, let’s popularize what the elements that create attraction are.

1. External image

In the animal world, male peacocks open their screens to show their best images to attract the opposite sex. Well, although a man’s external image is less attractive to women, it is absolutely beneficial to maintain a good external image as much as possible.

Both sexes start with appearance. “Appearance determines whether two people can be together, and internally determines how long two people can be together.” And the value of dressing doesn’t need to be stated, and women measure and analyze the state of life and social hierarchy behind you by your image and dress.

“Most attractive traits in a man—–

what kind of men are most attractive to women”

2. Confident

Confident men will have indescribable charm, and your self-confidence will remind women of the state of your life.

There is a big difference between what a confident man says and does not have a confident man, details to the bottom of his voice and eye contact, and your external image will give a woman an initial assessment of your self-confidence.

One of the most important ways to demonstrate your self-confidence is to actively guide social development, in which women tend to be passive in their daily interactions, while men who actively engage show their self-confidence.

3. Sense of humour

When interacting with girls can make each other happy or happy to laugh, can make “two less familiar friends in the chat” into “two people are having fun.”

Always keep a relaxed mind, don’t take everything so seriously, try to drive the atmosphere around you, with a happy mood to infect the lead.

4. Social wisdom

A man’s social intelligence means that he can lead or lead the people and things around him, and women know that a man with social intelligence is more likely to succeed in life.

She believes that being with a man with social intelligence can put her at the top of the social scene and protect herself.

“Most attractive traits in a man—–

what kind of men are most attractive to women”

5. Status

Having a high status symbolizes authority and power, both of which women pursue because of human evolution and social systems because having them ensures that they are not bullied in the social system.

But status is relative, depending on the environment and circumstances. Men with strong social skills and social intelligence are generally recognized in the social circle, which is a status symbol.

6. Passion

Passion is an attitude to life. But often passion is the most underrated element that appeals to girls. Passion can arouse a woman’s desire for you, in a woman’s eyes, passion is a positive attitude towards life.

But passion can’t exist all the time, it just devalues it. Show your passion at the right time, it will be easy to drive the mood of girls, the idea is to be able to find some common passion between girls so that both sides have romantic feelings.

7. Wealth

Wealth appeals to women for evolutionary and social reasons similar to status, and women want their men to provide enough value at the economic level to satisfy their desire for materiality.

In real life, as a man at least you don’t seem to be struggling with life, don’t mention any financial difficulties or negative emotions. Also, women value whether you’re a potential stock.

You need to show your positive life plans and goals to take on a woman’s life and ensure her quality of life in the future. So there’s a saying called “Not now doesn’t mean there won’t be in the future.” ”

8. Preselection

Preselection plays an important role in attracting elements. Preselection means that you are popular with other girls, but there is a paradox that doesn’t send you a message that you’ve had sex with a lot of girls, but that other girls love or enjoy spending time with you.

9. Life experience

The more experience you have in life, the more you will learn about the real world, and the more attractive it will be to women.

There are always a lot of experiences in a person’s life, find out what can highlight your personality traits, wrap it up in fun or your own language, share it with girls, and she will experience another, more authentic you.

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