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Two days ago, I had a very rich male friend married, unexpectedly, the bride is a very ordinary girl, and friends carefully chat, it turned out that rich men will marry such a girl.

Often have friends in the background message asked: how in the end to marry the rich ah?

Next, I’ll summarize the characteristics of the women who marry into the big house.

“How to attract a rich man for marriage”

First, the look is pure.

On closer inspection, the wives of these rich men had a long virgin face. No matter when is an innocent face, do the wrong thing, she will stare at you, how pitiable. When a man looks, of course, he can’t hold it.

Second, independence and self-improvement.

As far as I know, these women are particularly reluctant to spend men’s money when they fall in love. They always like to emphasize a sentence: no matter what they do, they are on their own. At the same time, they always talk about “I like you.” Such an independent and stubborn girl, men look, protection wants to come immediately.

“How to attract a rich man for marriage”

Third, black hair and white.

According to my statistics, this type of woman basically has long black hair, likes to eat a white skirt, white coat, white shirt, looks like a fairy who can’t eat fireworks. Such a simple clean and dull woman, men of course feel that she and the outside of the charming slut is not the same.

Fourth, flat chest.

I also found that these women are basically flat-chested. Not only the flat chest but also thin, wearing wide clothes walking in the wind, look thin and weak, maybe the next second will be blown down by the wind. So the man couldn’t help but want to keep her in his arms.

Do you think you can successfully marry into the big house if you meet the above four points?

Obviously not – have you noticed? The couples above all got on the bus first and then made up the tickets.

Therefore, to marry into the big door, be sure to get pregnant quickly skills. Although the girls in the above examples all seem to be the type of weak wind, the rate of pregnancy is surprisingly fast. Even if you do measures, you can get pregnant, the physical fitness is really great, really think very scared ah…

Are these so-called independent girls really independent, or do they independently attract men’s attention? Are they really innocent and pure? From ancient times to the present, Chinese men like to regard women as their own accessories, these women they married into the door, but only to satisfy their masculinity and vanity.

In this patriarchal society, girls who really strive to be self-reliant are not treated with the respect they deserve. Some men may even be very ostracized from marrying a successful woman because their vanity is not satisfied.

“How to attract a rich man for marriage”

In fact, there are a lot of really independent girls who are still single. I think, as a woman, do not have to marry into the door to achieve their own value, really strong girl, through their own efforts, will become a big door.

In short, I think, whether married into the door or will become a big door, as long as they live a happy enough, do not regret the original choice is good!

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