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The secret of a woman’s love affair.

In fact, for many people, it is not difficult to get off the list, the difficulty is to find someone you like and take off the list.

Every woman’s criteria for choosing a mate are not the same, but listen to more you will find that their standards summed up in two words: high-quality!

High-quality men are high-quality, because their social resources, wealth resources, network resources are relatively adequate, ideological class and vision are very high, their pursuit of the other half has long does not only stay in the other side “look good” or “marry and have children” such as basic or superficial needs, want to capture their hearts is also difficult.

You might ask, “Do I still have a chance to marry a good man?” ”

Q: How did you marry Gao Fu Shuai’s husband?

“How to attract a rich man for marriage—-how do you marry a rich and handsome man”


28-year-old financial industry manager

My husband and I met at the wine tasting, and I personally prefer to drink, so I often take part in such activities. When he asked me for contact information and said I had a unique opinion on wine tasting, we started dating.

Of course, I am also a little cautious, after all, Gao Fu Shuai is not a fool, I will read a book or a lesson before every date so that every chat he found something new in me.

Later, once accompanied him to see a friend, and then his friend secretly said that this woman is not simple, you have to catch, and then he firmly wants to marry me


30 years old Legal Counsel

I come from a small county town, and my path up is learning and socializing.

When I took the college entrance exam, I was inspired to take the best university in China. To tell you the truth, high school that will chase my boys quite a lot, but also quite handsome, quite chatty boys, but I do not want to stay in that small county like parents for the rest of my life, so, I ruthlessly rejected their favourite boys’ confession, has not been in love, until the university.

Later, I entered the University of Top2 in China, met a lot of very good boys, often participate in literary and artistic activities, do hosting, competitions, and so on, naturally attracted the same chat of the boys.

My husband was not my first, he chased me for 2 years. To say that I married the “rich and handsome” secret, probably is also become excellent, while climbing step by step, step by step to open their own circle. Of course, love skills, emotional preservation, establishing a framework, building a sense of ritual are equally important.

“How to attract a rich man for marriage—-how do you marry a rich and handsome man”


25-year-old choreographer

The first step to marry Gao Fu Shuai is of course screening ah, the second step is to create several chance opportunities, followed by ambiguity, confession, cohabitation, see parents, marriage proposal, it is logical. It’s my secret to creating quality men as ordinary men.

High-quality man is too good, so those who admire him, like him, he as a male god of the woman in his eyes of course not worth mentioning, we have to go the other way, he as an ordinary man, let him feel ordinary men will also experience frustration and surprise.

Any love is equal, women are too low on their own, but will be bullied!


35-year-old freelance

When I was young, I didn’t know anything, and because I was young and beautiful, I had to marry a rich man and live a life that was the envy of others. So he has money, I have a face, a snap together.

I know a lot of girls envy this kind of life, but I still want to say a bad word, this is really not happy. He took me to a fancy restaurant, bought me a car, bought a house, bought a bag, but I knew he would do the same to others.

But good, I think, since I choose such a life should not have expectations of love, but I also have the right to give up this life, look forward to love again, right? Congratulations on my divorce.

“How to attract a rich man for marriage—-how do you marry a rich and handsome man”


27-year-old Internet redman

I think I can marry my husband, probably because I have a clear goal.

Things are divided into groups, you have to know where the kind of men you like like to gather. I like to be in better shape, so I often go to the gym, and men who have time to go to the gym generally live a healthier life.

So I suggest that you can give men more classes, and then analyze the preferences of different types of men, and then go to different places to meet different types of high-quality men.


28-year-old banking professional

It’s easy to fall in love with a quality man, but marry a good man, you have to be valuable!

My husband and I met at the party, he is an investment banker, I am a banker, together also more chat. I remember his evaluation of me is promising, hahaha, it’s strange. He says people like me who are emotionally stable can achieve great things, both emotionally and in the workplace.

Later together, he felt that my stable mood brought him a lot of benefits, do not make a fuss will also operate feelings, and take out also long face, hastened to propose, so that I set down.

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