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What’s it like on the bed, who’s under the bed? I’m talking about the sleeping position. Please take a seat on the number and see what kind of sleeping position you use most often.

A fetal sleeping position

B Trunk sleeping position

C miss sleeping position

D Starfish sleeping position

E Free fall type sleeping position

F Soldier-style sleeping position

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Fetal sleeping position


That is, crouched into the fetal posture of the mother.

Outside just soft, strong appearance under a sensitive heart.

You may be shy the first time you meet someone, but you can relax quickly.

Arched backs provide a powerful form of self-protection, and this sleeping position gives people the greatest sense of security when they are suffering from painful setbacks.


Tree trunk sleeping position


That is, the body is tilted to one side, arms down, attached to the body.

You have a cheerful personality, love to interact with people, showing leadership and appeal.

But you tend to be credulous and naïve.

This sleeping position is the embodiment of a laid-back state of mind, the recent period of life and work or study status is more satisfied.


Missing sleeping position


The body is tilted to one side and the hands extend outwards to form a right angle to the body.

You like to socialize with people, be extraordinarily outgoing, and integrate easily into the collective.

Your personality in this sleeping position is paranoid, a little extreme and cynical, and it’s hard to accept dissent.

Missing sleeping position is a refraction of cold war or escapism.

“·How freaky are you in bed quiz”

Starfish sleeping position

Lie flat and hold your arms slightly on your pillow.

You are helpful and generous to others.

Very good listener, lots of friends.

But the personality is low-key, do not like publicity, do not like to become the focus.


Freefall type sleeping position


Lie down on the bed with your hands on the pillow and your face tilted to one side.

You tend to be nervous and move better in private.

Often reckless because of lack of foresight, criticism of others is generally not acceptable.

·“·How freaky are you in bed quiz”


Soldier-style sleeping position

Lie flat on your back completely with your hands close to both sides of your body.

Like to sleep like this you are generally introverted, there is a conservative side.

Treat people, will meticulously abide by strict standards, over time will unconsciously strict requirements of others.

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