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Does a man’s performance mean his performance in bed? Of course not!

Humanity’s largest sexual organ is actually our brain, if there is no brain imagination, then the skill will feel less than a little taste. If a man can only exercise his limbs in bed and can’t figure out his brain, his performance won’t be much better. But if you just get your brain done and you can’t figure out your body, it’s all in vain.

How do you conduct a full “performance” test on a man? Follow this list below and check it out!

“How freaky are you in bed quiz—-how to test a man’s performance” 


– Spiritual resonance –

Clearly said is the “performance” test but as soon as it comes up, the spirit resonates, Queen, what are you messing with? Haha, a talented man, even if he looks mediocre, can make you forget his mediocre appearance in a very short time, and instead yearn for his rich spiritual world. What do you want to say about “Smart is the new sexy”?

Of course, a man who likes to sell his knowledge will also make women hate it. A man who can resonate with a woman is different from him. Look at Feng Tang will know that his face value is really not high, but the queue wants to hug him from the girl there. If you have something to say to a man and often get some inspiration from him, congratulations, he has passed the “spiritual resonance” level.


– Warm companionship –

Why did the warm man suddenly catch fire? Because there are too many scum men, it’s too hard to find a man willing to give you warm companionship. If a man can ask you to be warm and considerate, won’t you have a trace of movement in your heart? And a woman moved, a soft heart, the body also followed the spring water rippled… If you always intuitively contact a man in a low mood, hoping for his comfort and companionship, congratulations, his “warm companionship” this has been the point.

“How freaky are you in bed quiz—-how to test a man’s performance”


– Love words –

A man who can talk to love is very flattering, but a man who can talk about it sexy and not indecent is really hard to find. Love words are not only verbal words but also multiple plays of atmosphere, emotions, expressions, sounds, eyes and limbs.

When a man puts his arm around your waist and looks at you with an intoxicated eye, he says, “Honey, look at you and I’m drunk, and I don’t want to wake up at all.” “Do you feel the subtle pleasure of a ghee straight through your head?” If so, congratulations, by this time he has passed the “love words” level, can go through further testing. 


– The device doesn’t need to be big, it’s better to live –

You’re finally waiting for what you want, aren’t you? Women with practical experience know that men’s Tintin is not the bigger the better.

What is the most important thing about a man in bed?

Tips, tricks, tricks! Say the important things three times!

The techniques cover a wide range of points:


Most of the men who make a bad impression on women in bed don’t do it because they can’t, but because the foreplay isn’t done well. The importance of foreplay to women is just as important as sweet-loving people eat dessert even if they don’t eat staple foods. It may be foreplay for a man, but for a woman, it is a “main course”. The “spiritual resonance”, “warm companionship” and “emotional words” mentioned above can actually be part of the foreplay in a broad definition.

Men who understand foreplay first need to be patient and understand the natural properties of women’s slow-burning sex. Also, he must be curious, each woman is different, their sensitive belt may be very different, curious and patient men will continue to ask and test to explore their partner’s sensitive belt so that she has the best experience in the foreplay.

“How freaky are you in bed quiz—-how to test a man’s performance”

Kissing technique

A good kiss can make a woman wet. A man with a good kiss must first have sexy lips, neat teeth, flexible tongues and a fresh tone, followed by a variety of lip-tooth grinding techniques.


Many men only pay attention to women’s oral skills, but do not care about their oral skills, which is really unfair. Men who know how to live are familiar with a woman’s physical structure and how to use his tongue, lips, and even other parts of her face to give her the experience of dying. To tell you the truth, if you meet a man who is willing to do KJ for you and knows how to KJ, don’t hesitate to leave him with you.

Hand in hand

It’s great for a man to know how to please a woman with his fingers! A man who lives well knows how to find the position of the G point with his fingers, bends two fingers to do the “come over” action, generally will touch a sponge-like sphere-like part, that is the legendary G-spot!

“The In-And-Out Game”

If it’s just piston sports, that’s the least interesting part for women. Knowledgeable modern humans know that 70% of women can’t get into HIGH by inserting it (don’t tell you you don’t know, if you don’t know, go to the little black house and kneel on the board).

A man with good performance will add seasonings such as “love words,” “kissing techniques,” “mouth work” and “handwork” to increase his partner’s pleasure. Of course, piston sports for men’s physical strength is a big test, so good performance of men will certainly regularly work out to maintain their “little motor” reputation.


Good men will never go to sleep after HIGH, they will be after the women I mentioned above “spiritual resonance”, “warm companionship” and “love words” and other steps so that women from the beginning to the end of the user experience is good to burst the shed, and finally sleep in the beautiful.

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