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1, after the break-up, but also secretly pay attention to your dynamics

For those who really love, there is no way to forget it all at once. When the night is quiet, will not be able to control their emotions and miss, may not be able to help pay attention to your circle of friends, recall once, look at the previous photos. If a person really loves a person, is reluctant to break up on the other side of the contact information, even if you want to restrain their emotions, delete the contact, or will be reluctant to pay attention to each other’s dynamics.

A possible break-up is obvious to a woman, but a man doesn’t express himself easily. He’ll show that he doesn’t care about anything, it doesn’t matter, it’s actually painful inside. He will secretly follow everything about you and want to know what’s going on with you. So, a man breaks up with you after this performance, it is because can not put down, may hinder the face, will not go directly to you, but in this way to understand you.

“Guys behavior after breakup”

2, after the break-up, bear not to contact you

In this world, there are many kinds of men, not everyone treats feelings the same way. Some people will silently pay attention to, but others will blacken each other, never contact each other again, and then disappear into each other’s world. But just because these behaviours don’t mean they haven’t loved you. Many times, the more love, the more you have to fight for a breath, will not take the initiative to contact you.

Say love is deep and responsible. If a man loves someone, the more he cares, the more he may go to extremes. A deeply loved woman, after breaking up is very difficult to be friends, love each other, hurt each other, if it is not possible together, will make up their minds, no longer contact. As for the pain, it will be consumed slowly. A man has this kind of behaviour precisely because he loves you so much. 

“Guys behavior after breakup”

3, also do not want to start a new relationship

People who have loved seriously can no longer accept a new person. Since it is true love, they must move each other, have deep feelings, will not easily fall in love with a person. Their own deep love of people is the need to take time to slowly forget, this time is not sure, sometimes think of each other, the heart will still have feelings.

Some people say that forgetting the predecessor, but two reasons, one is not long enough, but the new happiness is not good enough. But only those who really love knowledge, but those who love hard, there is no way to walk out at once. I’d rather use the time to let myself pass slowly than just find someone to forget.


As for feelings, there is no way to explain. Love may be true love, not love maybe not love, or it may be love. But after separation there will be this kind of behaviour of the man, indicating that he really loved you. If you can’t put it down, then do your best to save, don’t end up really losing someone who really loves you.

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